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Leo in Friendship

Monday 24/July/2017 - 11:48 AM
Sada El Balad
If you have a friend who's a Leo، there's a good chance you've already been hearing about their super fabulous birthday plans for a while now، elitedaily.com reported.

As fire-positive signs، notoriously known for our energy and self-confidence، us Leos are ready to shine this month.

Here are 11 ways to say “thank you” to Leo in your life. Happy birthday، fellow lions!

As kings of the jungle، us Leos value each and every member of our circles.

We believe everyone crosses our path for a reason، and we find a unique beauty in all we hold relationships with. It is almost impossible to let anyone drift out of our lives.

Once you enter our jungle، you're in it for the long haul.
Combine our love for attention with our zest for life and natural energetic tendencies، and you've got your number one party friend.

We initiate the plans، find the hottest places to go and will stay at the bar with you until closing time.

Since we usually suffer intensely from FOMO، we'll never turn down a good time.
It's no secret a Leo is one of — if not the most — confident signs.

Because we're so headstrong and care about our friends so much، we are experts at owning our mistakes and bragging about our wins.

We know what's best for our loved ones، and use our own life lessons to guide others through theirs.
Optimism is a Leo's favorite game to play. We were born in the midst of summer، when life tends to be carefree، warm and cheerful.

Leave it to us to find the good in every situation، from brushing off the haters to discovering the lessons behind life's curveballs.
While some of our other friends (think the Virgos and Capricorns of the world) may be more organized than us and more tedious when it comes to planning، we still execute in most group scenarios.

We firmly believe if you want something done right، you have to do it yourself.

Count on your Leo friend to know the best brunch spots، the coolest places to travel and the best new app to download that helps your group do things more efficiently.
Calling a Leo action-oriented would be an understatement. When we see something we want، there's no stopping us.

We set a significant amount of personal goals that usually involve taking leaps in our careers، traveling the world، improving relationships، etc.

Our ambition and determination is received well by our friends، and can be almost contagious.
We're straightforward، outspoken، quick-witted and want the best for everyone around us، including ourselves.




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