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Elham AbolFateh

Science & Technology

Google wipes out instant search feature

Sunday 30/July/2017 - 01:54 AM
Tech giant Google has killed one of its fastest feature on search engine i.e. instant search feature which was rolled out in 2010. This very feature was tipped to be the ‘future of search’ which will eventually permit users to save some time.

Supposedly، the instant search feature displayed results before the user completed his statement. As a result، it saved time and the user was not required to finish typing and tap on the Enter key.

According to the report of The Independent، the closure of this feature will open avenues for Google to make the search engine much more fluid، that too، on all devices.

It is relevant to mention here that while you are typing in the search bar، suggestions will still continue to appear; however، a user will be required to finish typing for the results to appear under the search bar or he may select from the predication which will appear on the screen.

Users always had to option to turn off the instant search feature. However، the feature has now been wiped off for good. The notion of smearing this feature is to create a consistent and reliable user-experience across both desktop and mobile devices.




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