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Elham AbolFateh

Moment Of Truth

The strike of Al Dekheila workers.. is a lesson for Al Mahalla – By: Elham AbolFateh

Sada El Balad
Elham AbolFateh
There is a big difference between the strike of Al Dekheila workers and that of Al Mahalla Al Kobra .. years ago، the workers of Al-Dekheila iron factories held a strike but they gave an example for how the worker loves his factory، preserves his production and his factory، which is considered as his home.

What did the workers of Al Dekheila do to reach their demands.. they used to work their full shift and hold strike after their shift ends, at this time the following shift starts and when it ends they hold strike.

The workers confirmed that، although they have demands، they couldn’t contribute to the demolition of this large industrial edifice، and they couldn’t cause any losses to the place where they work in and earn money from..In fact، I would have expected the workers of Al Mahalla Al Kobra to love their factory such as Al Dekheila workers did. I never expect to see the workers of Al Mahalla Al Kobra striking، suspending the production، and demanding profits and Bonuses while they are causing losses.. I think that there must be wise men to guide them.

Even they have demands، these demands have limits and a way to achieve.. If you want to reach your demand don’t suspend the production and do not cause losses to your factory.. Otherwise how the demands could be achieved.

What is required at this difficult time that our country is experiencing، is to accelerate the production، increase investment، and operate our factories. The strike of Al Mahalla workers and suspending the factory production represent A blow to the Egyptian production.. Although Al Mahalla Al Kobra suffers a continues loss، the workers demand a 10% bonus for expensive living conditions، a 10% bonus for social conditions، increasing Food allowance to reach EGP 400، and keeping door open for Promotions. All of them are legitimate demands، but how to achieve them in the light of suspending the production.. certainly، there are commitments with customers and penalties for delay.

Some wise leaders are used to be among Al Mahalla workers to calm the atmosphere and talk reasonably.. I do not know where they are and why their voices are not heard، especially that there are some saboteurs trying to "increase the workers dissatisfaction” and push them to protest and suspend the production wheel. These voices may be the enemies of the state as they hide and live among us and all their concern is to provoke sedition، ignite demonstrations and protests، disrupt production and exploit the demands of workers، their situation and the economic crisis we are experiencing، to destroy and damage.

I listened to Chairman of the Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving، Ahmed Mustafa، Who urged Al Mahalla workers to resume their work to increase production، Stressing that what is happening in the company is a deliberate sabotage and he said that it is the first time for him to see one "whistle" gathers the workers in the factory and another dispersed them. He noted that they، as an administration، have not yet found an official responsible for these workers to talk to him، and the behaviors now differ from the past ones.

I agree with the Chairman of the company. I would have hoped the workers to think first of the interest of their company and their factory، especially that the company is facing the threat of the closure if the suspension of the production continued at the time the workers are available but they didn’t work and EGP 30 million are paid per month to buy raw materials for the factories.

How the demands could be achieved amid a deliberate sabotage to eliminate one of our oldest companies، Which solved many of economic crises in Egypt. We used to notice it and its workers as patriotic men who love their country and their factories.

I believe that the administration of the factory and the company has the right not to discuss the workers' demands until resuming their work، operating factories again، and forgetting about the idea of strikes as it leads to disruption of production.

The problems of Al Mahalla workers will be solved if the workers resumed their work and production، meanwhile، their rights cannot be touched by anyone. They have the potentials to produce and export Goods worth millions of dollars at this difficult time، to support their country and contribute to building its economy.

Do the workers of Al Mahalla listen to the voice of reason and take the workers of Al Dekheila as a role model. 

Translated by: Basant Ahmed




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