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2018.....The Dreams Come True

Sunday 31/December/2017 - 03:05 PM
Sada El Balad
Edited By: Nada Moustafa

After a few days، We will say good bye to 2017، welcoming the new year 2018 full of New Dreams، New Ambitions، New Resolutions، New Desires، New Dilemmas، and New Doubts. 

“Sada El-Balad” English News Website presents horoscopes predictions for 2018 so that you can prepare yourself to face what you are likely to experience in any area of life in the upcoming year.


 New beginnings

Your introduction to 2018 sets the precedent for the entire year. As Mars، the Lord of the Aries takes position in Libra، it graciously joins forces with progressive Jupiter. Together، the planets direct you to embrace a series of new beginnings. This year delivers some major domestic events; all of which will prove to be auspicious for the Aries native.

On January 17th، Mars transits to Scorpio. When it enters your eighth house، the Aries is thrust into the spotlight. You’ll be welcomed into a few prominent social circles. With so many people vying for your attention، it’s important for you to rest whenever you feel it’s needed.

Jupiter retrogrades on March 9th، so be prepared to experience some turbulence in your marital life. Retrogrades are times of reflection and revelation. Turn toward your spirituality to help you navigate through these changes. On a brighter note، this retrograde will help stabilize your finances. It will also help you resurrect the relationship with your parents. It places importance on rebuilding the love you share with a matronly figure.

Mid-year، you’ll be introduced to yet another retrograde. As your ruling planet starts turning backwards، your work life will reveal more challenges. Please be gentle with yourself as you juggle all your responsibilities. Redefine your idea of perfection to make it easier to accept your best efforts.

While you fight to learn how to accept the things you can’t change، you may be faced with opposition from a father figure. Everyone has an opinion of what’s best for you، but it’s important for you to follow your personal truth.

Look forward to Jupiter’s return to progressive on July 10th. It will usher in major improvements on multiple levels. Your love life and your finances will finally advance. New roads will be presented to you after learning Jupiter’s lesson.

As the year comes to an end، your stress levels will decrease. You’ll overcome any health issues and start bringing projects to an end. Saturn turns direct on September 6th; it’s place in Sagittarius will reward you for your constant effort to remain positive throughout the year. These gifts are the culmination of all your hard work. You must remain committed to your goals، no matter how things may look.

When you’re at your best، Aries، there’s no one who can compete. Maintain your confidence but be cautious of any decisions made as Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 11th. Double check all contracts before finalizing your decision. Moving hastily may yield some unfavourable repercussions.

On November 6th، you’ll witness drastic improvements in your luck. When Mars transits into Aquarius، new opportunities lead to profitable ventures for you. Your mental agility will easily surpass any opposition. The plans you’ve set in place will all come to fruition. This grants new hope for the possibilities that await next year.


- Job opportunities

In the beginning of 2018، Venus، your ruling planet، governs the Taurus from the eighth house. It’s joined by Saturn and the Sun، which creates an interesting demand while awarding you with an abundance of power!

Your actions will be divinely guided since the planets are prepared to multiply anything you invest. Prepare to surprise everyone – including yourself. Whatever you do، give it your best effort، Taurus! Do this and the blessings that return will be 10x greater than you expected.

Taurus is welcomed by opportunity at the start of the year، when Mars transits to Scorpio. Powerful forces compel you to act making many different investments into your future.

Expect new opportunities in your career that’ll transform your work into one of your most prized possessions. Your name will resound in many different circles and the reputation you’ve built won’t go unnoticed!

When Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7، this shift will encourage the Taurus to move as if the sky was the limit. You’re encouraged to expand your vision until it reaches heights that make you second guess your abilities. The cosmos want you to prove your abilities to yourself، before anyone else. Move in confidence as the planets work alongside you to broaden your horizons.

Watch out for that ego – you can’t let it become too big; even though it’ll be difficult to stay modest while you’re attracting so much attention. Profitable pathways will reveal themselves and your soul will direct you to which doors hold the greatest possibilities behind them.

The first quarter of the year is bound to be an exciting adventure for you، Taurus – just do your best to keep up the excitement – you don’t want to miss out on anything important!

Your earthly qualities will be put to the test during Jupiter’s retrograde. You’ll need to stay balanced، despite the whirlwind that starts to pick up speed.

Challenges will pop up out of nowhere، but you have the power to think your way through them all. Continue exercising caution as Saturn retrogrades on April 18، a time when it’s important to have a plan B that’s easy to implement. This way، you won’t be as affected by sudden changes in direction.

You could approach a few forks in the road that force you to make some tough decisions. Saturn’s shift will cause you to reconsider a couple personal andor professional relationships.

As spring approaches، Mars transits to Capricorn at the beginning of May. Consider this your lucky break، Taurus! Remember all the effort you put into building yourself at the start of the year. This will continue to inspire you as you embark on exciting new adventures.

Your enthusiasm levels will soar through the roof as you boldly step into responsibilities you didn’t foresee. There’s a slight risk of conflict with family members around this time too; your siblings may not be very thrilled to see you soaking up all the spotlight without them.

The close of the second quarter brings another retrograde. When Mars backtracks on June 30، you could experience a few delays. Don’t let this slow down your momentum، Taurus! Jupiter goes progressive just two weeks later. So، whatever setbacks you experience will be resolved sooner than you expected.

On August 31، Mars goes progressive and opens a small window of opportunity. Be prepared to jump at the chance to reap the rewards of your labor because a flash of good luck could do wonders for your career!

Saturn turns direct in expansive Sagittarius on September 10. One by one، you’ll witness doors opening، as if by magic!

The Taurus may choose to use these opportunities to see the world. This could be the time that you take the long-distance journey you’ve always dreamed of!

When Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 15، you’ll feel drawn in many different directions. Your humanitarian nature will reach its peak but first، there may be some turbulence in your personal life that needs your attention.

Resolve those issues quickly because you’ll be taken on another ride when Mars transits to Aquarius around mid-November. This harvest season yields lots of respect for the Taurus on the professional front but such swift progression could cause you to yearn more affection from your parental support system.

As the last quarter of the year comes to a close، you’ll experience yet another transit from Mars. This time، the planet of action moves into Pisces، which creates an extremely auspicious gateway for you. Taurus will find themselves standing beneath an abundant overflow! Your finances will multiply، giving you a prosperous introduction into the things you should expect in the year to come.


Desires & Dreams 

If you’ve been looking for a boost in your courage and the confidence to let your talents shine bright، Mercury، the lord of Gemini، guarantees that 2018 will be the year that your desires come to life. Resting in the sixth house، you’ll be privy to many opportunities to demonstrate the skills you’ve worked hard to develop over the years. Mercury offers its support as it blesses you with the power to emerge victorious from any challenge you could face this year.

Mars transits to Scorpio، giving you the strength to outsmart any opponent that steps into your path. Using the impeccable communication skills associated with your zodiac، Gemini can persuade any adversary bend to their will.

With such a magnetic personality and astounding conversational skills، you can stay above any upsetting event – if you’re not the one who’s responsible for the confusion. When boredom strikes، you can become a bit aggressive in your approach; creating tension that seeps into various areas of your life.

Remind yourself of your ability to sway situations in whatever direction you see fit، when Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7. Certain circumstances could spark your irritable side، leading to adverse reactions in personal and professional meetings during this time. Since Saturn is resting beside Mars at the same time، you could feel a run of bad luck that negatively affects your attitude، dear friend.

Delay does not equal denial، Gemini. Just because you don’t see your desires manifesting as quickly as you’d like، that doesn’t mean that they will never show up. Try to be more positive، as you learn to pay more attention to the things you want، while ignoring whatever you don’t. 

In the second quarter of the year، you’ll need to stay alert during Saturn’s retrograde in Sagittarius. Things may not be as bad as they appear، but you’ll still need to stay on your toes to be sure that you aren’t swept away by any legal or health-related matters.

Retrogrades always keep our eyes open but Mars’ transit to Capricorn ushers in a new wave of luck soon after. If you’re expecting a payment or reward، Gemini will be glad to know that it’s on its way sometime in the second quarter!

The planets are preparing to reward you for your patience but don’t let this successful flood go to your head. Tame any inclination to fall victim to your ego، so you can keep your conscience clear and allow even more blessings to rain over your head.
As you know، Gemini، new opportunities bring plenty of additional responsibilities along with them. Mars retrograde on June 27 could present an assortment of challenges that’ll keep you on your toes. As an air sign، you possess remarkable intellectual skills – and you’ll need to put them to good use in the third quarter of the year.

New financial opportunities will have you ready to jump in with both feet but، to make sure that you’re making the wisest decision، exercise a little patience، my friend. When Jupiter returns progressive on July 10، it’ll be time to harvest the fruits of your labour. You’ll make new progress on professional and personal levels، so prepare for the tides to turn in your favour!

The highs and lows of 2018 will keep things interesting for you، Gemini. Come the third quarter of the year، you’ll need to prepare yourself for yet another set of challenges. You’ll begin this season with yet another luck and opportunity when Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius at the start of September.

Soon after، Jupiter transits to Scorpio and the lord of karma will test your strength in the workplace. You know you’ve sown positive seeds into everything you’ve done، so there’s no reason for you to worry، Gemini.

As Mars shifts into Aquarius on November 9، new opportunities will arise، proving that the chaos you just overcame was only meant to remind you of your personal power. With the confidence you gained after bypassing that turbulence، you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of the prosperous opportunities that present themselves in the last quarter.

Give yourself permission to dream as far as your mind can wander، Gemini. When the planet of action is in your house of luck، you’ll be blessed with a cosmic magic wand. Think about the greatest desire that’s tucked away in your heart and remain faithful as the planets align to prove that anything is possible for you!


-The year of opportunity 

Whenever the year commences with a Virgo ascendant، Cancer can expect to receive abundant blessings in every domain. The lord of your sign resides comfortably in your house of luck، which means 2018 will be the year of opportunity for you. Whatever you need will be provided with the greatest ease، while the planets conspire to pave the way for you to receive a plentitude of success and opportunity.

Mars transits to Scorpio in January، placing it in your fifth house of love، children، and education. No matter where you find yourself at the start of the year، anything that touches any of these areas will flourish tremendously!

Expect new job offers or business opportunities that seem to fall from the sky. With so many opportunities flooding your way، be sure to take your time to weigh all your options، Cancer. Anything you choose to embark on will be a blessed opportunity – but there’s nothing wrong with double checking to make sure that you’re making the most of every moment.

On March 7، Mars joins Saturn in your sixth house; Sagittarius. This is a good time for you measure out an ambitious financial move، dear friend. Don’t let fear hold you back – move forward with the confidence of knowing that providence is supporting your every step.

Jupiter retrogrades during the same month، which means you’ll need to protect your energy. Negative influences always seem to arise when Cancer is on the brink of making a great transition. Any opposition that appears is only an indicator that you’re headed in the right direction.

By the second quarter، Saturn’s retrograde in your sixth house will present a crossroads that you’ll be forced to endure. The paternal planet loves to put influential life lessons to the test; not to break you، but to remind you of your strength!

Stand tall، Cancer، as you continue to fight through a few more personal obstacles when Mars transits to Capricorn. Sometimes، you need a little adversity to push you toward new opportunities that would’ve otherwise been left ignored.

Keep your eyes open because there’s a flip side to this transit that you can’t afford to miss. This move is also expected to open a series of doors in the professional realm. You must take advantage of profitable situations as soon as they present themselves because your window of opportunity won’t stay unlocked for long. When Mars goes into retrograde at the end of June، you may witness many doors closing at once.

Cancers must remember that، when one door shuts، another will open – when the time is right. You’ll experience a second chance to advance; probably when Jupiter returns to progressive on July 10. This is when new interests will likely be met with exciting new chances to make up for opportunities you missed.

The Universe will continue to feed this positive streak when Mars goes progressive on the last day of August. Love، work، and your health will simultaneously receive a refreshing breath of fresh air!

By the third quarter of the year، Saturn will go direct in Sagittarius and you’ll witness some miraculous events. Pestering competitors will be thrust out of your way، as if they were being carried by a gust of celestial wind. Your outlook on life will shift into a state of gratitude that only confirms how truly blessed you are، dear friend.

The stars look upon you with favour، when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14. Any plan or project you’ve been holding dear to your heart will flourish in ways greater than you ever imagined!

Brace yourself، Cancer، because the planets are going to take the reins during the last quarter of the year. You’ll scale the highest mountains with the greatest skill. Life will introduce you to plenty of ways to end the year on a prosperous note that continues to benefit you long after the New Year settles.


Countless blessings 

Luck shall follow you wherever you go، while you navigate through the year 2018، Leo. The lord of your zodiac stands as the year’s ascendant، presenting you with countless opportunities to receive the blessings you so dearly deserve. Residing in your fourth house، you can expect waves of luck to attract plenty of favorable events in the months to come!

In the first quarter of the year، Mars will make some interesting transits that may send a few curveballs in your direction. Unnecessary stress may cause concerns، leaving you quite sour and blunt with your words. Be careful not to say something that you could regret later.

With the planet of action resting in Scorpio، you could experience a few upsets in your personal life but the intensity of this energy will move mountains in your career. When Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7، you’ll see prosperous doors opening all around you، Leo. Start planning your investments in advance because this will be a time of great opportunity that you’ll want to take full advantage of!

Jupiter retrogrades just a few days later، adjusting its rotation in the third house from your sign. Leo may be unsuspectingly struck by a lazy streak that causes you to procrastinate a lot more frequently than you should. This shift in direction could impact those lucky stars that carried you through the first quarter. Instead of getting frustrated by the way things are working out، trust that this phase is only temporary – it will soon be behind you، dear friend.

In the second quarter of 2018، you’ll need to exert some additional effort to overcome the trials that may present themselves when Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius. Pay special attention to the relationship you’ve built with your children. This retrograde may call you to enforce some of the lessons you’ve instilled in them in the past to guarantee they progress in alignment with their potential – and your grand expectations!

On May 2، Mars transits to Capricorn، which shines a special light on your lucky sixth house. Leo can look forward to a flood of favor and fortune to shower over anything you touch. Just be sure to look before you leap when Mars retrogrades at the end of June. With the lucky wave، you’ve been riding، you could become so caught up in the blessings being poured into your life that you miss some important details that could put a halt to your plans.

At the start of the third quarter، Jupiter returns progressive in your house of courage and will. You’ll roar like a mighty lion while you’re moving with the strength and encouragement that this transit brings. High spirits will have your creative juices flowing stronger than ever before. This will be yet another lucky time that spreads good vibes on various areas of your life – especially in matters of the heart!

With renewed love or a new relationship on the horizon، you’ll be even more excited about the way Mars’ return progressive on August 31 blesses your professional life too. Expect to travel through some enriching new experiences at work، Leo. You’re a natural born leader and all your birth-given talents and skills will be called into action during this transit.

In the last quarter of 2018، you’ll set off to soar to new heights. When Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius on September 9، life will thrust you into the next stages of a special plan you’ve held close to your heart. Whether you’re looking to add a new member to your family or expanding your financial portfolio، the planets will be aligned to nurture whatever seeds you’ve planted in fertile soil.

As you adjust to the effects of Saturn’s shift، Jupiter transits to Scorpio in mid-October which will clear the path between the past and present، giving Leo the opportunity to end the year with major advancements. To be sure you’re travelling down the most beneficial roads، be sure to move with the wisdom you’ve gained over the years – it’ll help guide you toward a prosperous future، dear Leo!

Progress in your career will cause you to excel in various financial domains. Remember، strong moves lead to even stronger gains، my friend. Since experience is the best teacher، you can expect to end the year with a wealth of wisdom that creates plenty of auspicious opportunities that’ll carry you into next year!


Unexpected travels 

Virgo should consider the year 2018 as the year of opportunity. The talents you possess are unique to you، and the planets will pave a glorious path for you to showcase all that you can do!

You’ll need to be swift on your feet، dear Virgo، because opportunities will come so quickly، any delay could cause you to miss a great chance to excel. Starting in the first quarter of the year، when Mars transits to Scorpio، it’s position in your third house guarantees you a public platform.

This year won’t allow you to hide in the background for very long. The planets will align to place your capabilities on display for all to admire! Showcase your skills، Virgo، and don’t hold back at all. With luck favoring you، there’s a great chance for you to reap massive benefits for all the effort you put forth.

On March 7، Mars enters Sagittarius and joins Saturn in your fourth house. You should be careful about what you say during this time، dear friend. Remember، words and time are two of the only things you can never truly take back once they’re released.

Jupiter’s March retrograde could put some strain on your finances، so it’ll be important for you to try to manage your stress levels. Any pressure from external influences should be taken in stride – as you know، things always get better with time.

The second quarter of the year welcomes Mars transit to Capricorn. This is an excellent time for inquisitive Virgo to further their studies. As you apply the knowledge you’ve already gained to various areas within your profession، your name will rise to levels of fame and notoriety that you didn’t realize were possible!

The Wheel of Fortune will continue turning in your favor، giving your finances an incredible boost. Be careful not to spend too lavishly، so you can be duly prepared for Mars’ retrograde at the end of June. Unexpected travels and miscellaneous expenses could cause you to spend money on a whim.

Don’t let the slight drop in your savings account ruin your year، you’ll recoup everything with even more benefits when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10! Virgo will use this transit to initiate new projects that’ll continue benefitting you over time. Be patient as your skills manifest into profits and opportunities that’ll carry you through the rest of the third quarter.

As enterprising as your ambitious earth sign is known to be، you’ll need to slow things down a little when Venus transits into your zodiac at the start of August. This position could create a few unlucky events but there’s nothing you can’t think yourself through، dear friend.

On August 31، Mars returns progressive; which allows lots of forward progress. If you’ve experienced any type of halt or delay، then the action planet will aid you as you work to get things moving again. Saturn’s shift to direct in Sagittarius will support anything you initiate during this time. Virgo will witness an abundant increase in your material comforts، proving that your efforts were all worthwhile!

Luck continues to shine on you as you enter the final quarter of the year. Jupiter transits to Scorpio، bringing Virgo floods of recognition for the contributions you’ve made in the professional sphere. Your heart will overflow with love as a result of all the recognition you receive. Virgo is blessed to realize how much they’re appreciated by their peers.

Bask in the glory of the luck that follows you as Mars transits to Aquarius in November. This move will grant you the strength to passionately pursue whatever goals you’ve held on to from the start of the year!


Year of balances

Libra natives will be treated to a year full of balancing acts، as they navigate through the events awaiting in 2018. Consider this year a mixed bag of opportunity that requires keen judicial guidance to steer your life along the most beneficial course.

At the start of the year، the lord of Libra governs from the fourth house of the year’s ascendant، right along with the Sun. This combination may cause Libra to consciously siphon through mental stressors to avoid any distractions from your goals.

On January 17، Mars transits to Scorpio which highlights advancements in the educational sector. As you expand your knowledge، you position yourself to utilize new information to advance in the professional realm as well. Your quest for wisdom may even lead you to take a trip abroad; immersing yourself in a different culture is sure to revamp your entire perspective!

In March، Mars joins Saturn in Sagittarius، forcing Libra to buckle down to manage your affairs. You may feel a bit of resistance pushing against your efforts but، if you push back even harder، all your projects will stay on track.

Stay focused، Libra، especially as Jupiter retrogrades on March 9. This transit may create a temporary halt in various areas of your life. You could struggle to determine the cause of this roadblock since، on the surface، it will appear as if you have everything you need to get the job done.

A stable support system will be vital for creating the foundation you need to maintain your confidence during Saturn’s retrograde in the second quarter. There’s a risk for enduring conflicts with your siblings around this time. You should try to separate personal issues from your professional plans so you can continue on your path to success with minimal distractions.

Soon، you’ll see how much that laser focus benefitted you; particularly when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. This will be a bountiful time for Libra to make a major financial move. You could decide to purchase a gorgeous new home or upgrade your vehicle. With all the material resources you’ll store leading up to that point، the world is your oyster and the choice is yours!

As you’re enjoying the abundance being shared with you، try to remember to offer your partner a dose of sentimentality when Mars retrogrades on June 27. Upheaval may create profound shifts in different sectors of your life but worry not، dear Libra، Jupiter will arrive shortly with some much-needed assistance.

Expect to witness celestial scales tipping in your favor when the planet of luck goes progressive on July 10. As your projects resume، Libra may find that this gust of momentum may blow open the door to an opportunity that invites you to move to a new city for a fresh start.

The third quarter of the year will continue blessing you with positive events as Mars goes progressive on August 31. Your creative eye will become sharper than ever at the start of September. The planets will pave a road for Libra to showcase the greatest aspects of your personality – so take advantage of every moment that presents itself to you!

In October، your proverbial cup may overflow with an unexpected financial downpour. There’s a good chance that rivers of unexpected income will bless you from infinite angles! As you open your arms to receive the windfall the stars are preparing to gift you، Libra may feel inclined to strengthen your spirituality too. Your heart will be so overwhelmed with gratitude، don’t shy away from the opportunity to reconnect with the divine source that’s been supporting you.

Mars transits to Aquarius in the last quarter of the year، raising your social status and stimulating many more prosperous opportunities. As the cards continue to fall in your favor، Libra may feel compelled to commemorate this soul-enriching occasion with a holy ceremony that involves your entire family.

Will you choose to throw a lavish wedding ceremony? Is a sentimental family trip in the cards? No matter what you decide، Mars’ transit to Pisces in December proves that luck will continue to ordain your steps as you bravely walk into next year!


-Fruitful year 

Mars، the lord of Scorpio، rises in the wealth house of the year’s ascendant at the onset of 2018. This alignment promises a fruitful year abundant in financial gain and the accumulation of mass amounts of wealth! The Wheel of Fortune will continue turning in your favor، throughout the entire year – but there are a few things that will require your attention، dear friend.

Starting with Mars’ transit into your zodiac on January 17، it’ll be vital for Scorpio to practice patience as you move through life’s simple challenges. Take your time and think things through before engaging in any activities that may come back to haunt you. Don’t let that short temper get in the way of the wealthy increase marked by the stars.

On March 7، Mars transits to Sagittarius and puts your self-management skills to the test yet again. Scorpio will be called to exercise caution while handling money matters but، more importantly، you’ll need to be careful about any reckless engagements with your spouse. Accidents happen – they’re just a fact of life. Learning from your mistakes is the true show of wisdom and fine character. You can prove that you’re greater than your circumstances، Scorpio – no one possesses the willpower that you naturally exude!

Jupiter retrogrades in March also. This could mean many different things for you، Scorpio…it all depends on how you choose to react to trying situations. If you prepare yourself ahead of time، you may be able to circumvent the risk of financial loss that’s marked by this time. Stay diligent while handling your affairs and you’ll keep a calm، level head while dealing with the last of these first quarter challenges.

Joining the retrograding planets، Saturn spins backwards in Sagittarius in mid-April، which could have an adverse effect on your financial affairs. Scorpio will find themselves travelling a lot during this time، making it important to plan your efforts in advance. Be realistic about how your hard work may (or may not) pay off – and have Plan B ready to put into action، just in case.

Stress is born – and stifled – from within. Should you decide to shift your perspective، there’s nothing you won’t be able to accomplish، dear friend. When Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2، you’ll witness exactly what this means. An attitude of gratitude will deliver a series of auspicious events that place you on a favourable path!

Expect boosts in your career and floods of support from family and friends. As you learn to trust in the synchronistic events that mark your steps at this stage of your journey، always remember to trust your wisdom and intuition before falling for chance or luck.

When someone is as skilled as you are، Scorpio، you needn’t worry about a thing. Even as Mars retrogrades at the end of the second quarter، you won’t need to shy away from any form of competition. Work-related contests may keep you on your feet but you’re naturally equipped with all the skills you need to trample over any obstacle in your way!

The third quarter of 2018 marks a bountiful moment for Scorpio to invest in themselves. As Jupiter returns progressive in July، you’ll feel compelled to treat yourself to the finer things in life. This point of the year guarantees many occasions for you to bask in the fame and fortune your soul craves in your most intimate moments. Saturated by a level of confidence that encourages Scorpio to prove their strength and intellectual superiority، this transition has fortunate energy floating all around it!

Luck stays on your side as you close out the year. Each of the last quarter transits encourages you to reap the benefits of your labours. Go after your heart’s desires without hesitation، trusting that all you need will be delivered to you in perfect timing!


An increase in savings

The archer can expect to see many financial gains in the year 2018 as the lord of Sagittarius resides from the wealth house of the year’s ascendant. Your concentration will be on accumulating wealth and furthering existing financial plans – expect to receive a plethora of abundant blessings as you advance throughout the year.

Sagittarius will make profitable investments at the start of the year، when Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17. Previous engagements have taught you a lot about dealing with intense money matters، giving you the confidence to fearlessly pursue all your plans.

Towards the end of the first quarter، Mars transits into your zodiac sign، accompanied by Saturn. This will be a time for Sagittarius to be mindful of their health and wellness. Stay on top of your responsibilities and be careful of whom you choose to interact with so as to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9، you may be overcome by a cloud of procrastination. Though you’ve thoroughly considered all your plans، some personal relations may be able to create enough stress to cause you to lose focus for a while. Despite life’s ups and downs، it’s up to you to forge through each lesson while demanding your right to success، Sagittarius!

Come Saturn’s retrograde in your zodiac، you could have to face some legal issues or sort out formalities in your personal life. Don’t become too overwhelmed with what’s happening during this time. Have faith that things will get better – and، when they do، you’ll be even wiser than you are right now!

Although you may not attract the support you desire from a select few، you’ll rise to the occasion and prove that you’re more than capable of seeing your projects through on your own. On May 2، Mars transits to Capricorn and the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favor once more. The effort you’ve put toward building your accounts will pay off in ways far greater than you anticipated، Sagittarius. With luck supporting your personal life، you’ll be unstoppable during this time!

In June، Mars retrogrades، which can create a pause in your plans. If it seems as if your luck has run out – don’t be alarmed – soon، you’ll see what the planets are preparing for you. Jupiter returns to progressive on July 10، giving existing projects the push they need to get finished. Sagittarius is one who always behaves with truth and justice in mind، so expect to see rewards for your good karma!

Family life and intimate affairs will all soar during this alignment. The third quarter is also a blessed opportunity for Sagittarius to concentrate on multiplying your money. As Mars goes progressive on August 31، you’ll see favorable events align for you to further your career and increase your savings too!

With luck shining so strongly in your life، Sagittarius won’t have any trouble navigating through troubled waters. Whatever lingering health issues or family matters that have been sitting on your shoulders will be resolved when Saturn turns direct in your zodiac at the start of September.

Jupiter’s October shift into Scorpio could increase your expenses but there’s nothing to worry about، dear friend. You’ll accumulate so much abundance throughout the course of the year، you’ll be able to avoid any costs that arise during this transit. In fact، the planets are indicating that this third quarter move could be an auspicious time for Sagittarius to invest in new property or acquire a vehicle. If you’ve had your eye on a special treat، the stars are granting you permission to indulge in your desires towards the end of the year.

Sagittarius won’t be able to deny the luck that’s continually spreading its favour upon you. In the last quarter of the year، there’s a good chance that you’ll secure a highly anticipated promotion too! Professional advancements are a clear indication that you and your career will continue to see success long into 2019!

Limitless opportunities 

The onset of 2018 places Saturn، the lord of Capricorn، in the prosperity house of the year’s ascendant. This year will present limitless opportunities to the earthly zodiac، but you’ll have to put forth an effort to decide which direction fate shall carry you on، dear friend.

Mars transits to Scorpio، on January 17، placing you in a promising opportunity to advance within your career. Starting the year on such a favourable foot instantly positions you to witness financial improvements!

Capricorn will feel invincible in the face of any adversary. When you’re driven by the determination of the goat، there’s nothing that can stop your drive or slow your ambition!

Be mindful of any unnecessary expenses that arise in March. When Mars transits to join Saturn in Sagittarius، you could become stricken with minor health issues resulting from stress. Watch your temper and do your best to move with a level head، dear friend. You don’t want to see conflicts create separation with loved ones so early in the year.

Use the confidence that you’ll attract during this transit to embrace and overcome any delays that arise after Jupiter’s retrograde in the 10th house. Its backward spiral in your house of work can create a series of delays that force you to escape your comfort zone to get the job done.

Stepping out into the world can help you sort out any lingering issues that weigh heavily on your mind. As Saturn retrogrades in April، you’ll be faced with many instances of temptation. Use your wisdom to avoid falling for any enticing traps that could thwart your progress.

Without the guidance of your lucky star، you’ll need to call upon your good sense and reason to benefit from Mars’ transit to your zodiac on May 2. Health concerns may take over your attention but there shouldn’t be much too fret over، dear friend.

There’s something much more important stirring during this time. A major transition could impact your life; coming in the form of a wedding or holy pilgrimage. You’ll feel compelled to detach from your surroundings and embark on an excursion that enriches your soul. If you need to travel to find the satisfaction you deserve، then don’t be afraid to do so، Capricorn!

Mars retrogrades in the close of the second quarter، which has its pros and cons. On one note، your health should stabilize during this time – but you may experience a fallout with your partner. Last minute cancellations and halts in legal concerns may send you on an emotional rollercoaster for a moment.

Find your footing and stand firm as you embrace the solid qualities of your zodiac. The third quarter of the year attracts many opportunities for you to succeed if you remain steadfast. Mars returns progressive at the end of August، giving stagnated projects the green light to proceed. Now is the time for you to prove what you’re really made of، dear friend!

Minor hiccups can’t detract from your plans if you don’t let them. When Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius on September 9، you’ll see what it means to benefit from past efforts. Things may not have blossomed when you expected but، you won’t complain about the way your savings multiplies right in front of your face!

Strong waves of luck will carry you into the last quarter of 2018. Jupiter’s transit in October is a promising time for you to start a new venture. This next stage in your life marks the financial prosperity you’ve endured throughout the year. As personal relationships flourish، your accounts will open up to accommodate life on a new level of existence.

The planets will align for you to make a major move before the new year. Mars’ transit to Aquarius could inspire you to make a solid romantic commitment. Regardless if your last vows of 2018 are shared with the one you love or consummated in a contract that starts a business of your own، expect to see life fold and mould itself around your every desire!


-Rewards awaiting you

Aquarius is a freedom seeking sign that loves to experience the thrill of adventure. Though 2018 may not provide all the excitement you crave، there’s still plenty taking place beneath the surface!

As you move through this year، Aquarius will plant profitable seeds that will bear fruit later. Work diligently now، dear friend، so that you may reap the rewards awaiting you in the coming year.

From the start of the first quarter، you’ll be placed in a promising position to take an active stance on how your career progresses. When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17، Aquarius may be presented with the chance to jump into a new profession. Have you been considering a major career move? If so، you don’t want to miss this enticing opportunity!
As the planet of action transits again on March 7، its position may cause Aquarius to slow down and reflect. Mars accompanies Saturn in Sagittarius، which could slow your projects for a while but، don’t fret، things will certainly get better.

Pay attention to anything that requires an investment of your time or resources during this time. You can avoid a sudden upset by being more active in your involvements right now.

It’s important for you to stay focused، Aquarius; the things you do now will greatly benefit you in the future. When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9، luck may leave your side for a while. Your tendency to procrastinate when you should be working at full steam could come back to haunt you، so do your best to remain diligent.

Hard work doesn’t always seem like the most entertaining thing for you، Aquarius، but remember why you’re committing yourself to your projects. The Universe is preparing to grant all your desires but، first، you’ll need to prove that you’re serious.

In April، Saturn retrogrades from its place in Sagittarius، giving you another lesson in work ethic. Try to avoid allowing life’s demands to place too much stress on you، dear friend. Use your personal relationships as an outlet for relief rather than a substitute for your frustration. You’ll realize just how important your loved ones are when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. Conflicts with siblings may make you uncomfortable; further proof that you really value having your family by your side. 
At the close of the second quarter، Mars retrogrades in June. This shift will require you to perform some deep introspection to sort out whatever’s troubling you. Allowing your thoughts to remain clouded for too long will only distract you from the progress you’ve made up until this point. Don’t let anything agitate you، Aquarius. Focus your attention on the positivity you wish to attract and learn to express gratitude، even in the midst of confusion.

Your prayers will be answered when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10. This transit strengthens the luck that’s supporting your endeavours، dear friend. Rest assured that any ongoing problems will settle themselves and you’ll begin to see drastic improvements in all your affairs. As the saying goes، “trouble doesn’t last always”. The planets are preparing to reward you for maintaining good spirits while you navigated through life’s challenges!

By the time Mars returns to progressive in the third quarter of 2018، you’ll see your projects push forward with great velocity. Aquarius will prosper in many ways، including a sudden increase in your finances! The light surrounding your life during this time will put your worries to rest and you’ll even see improvements in family bonds.

Laughter is the best medicine، and you’ll soon witness its effects. As Saturn shifts to direct in Sagittarius on September 9، the good deeds you’ve performed in the past will start to pay off، Aquarius. If you’ve been holding off on making a shift in your career، this could be the time that you finally make your decision! With great health and prosperity continuing to follow you، trust that you’re supported as you do what’s best for you.

The last quarter of the year invites a few last-minute transits that benefit the Aquarius native. Think of the blessings you receive during this time as an introduction to what you can expect out of next year – and the years to follow!

Starting with Jupiter’s transit to Scorpio on October 14، you’ll be entrusted with new responsibilities، allowing you to prove what you’re made of، dear friend. Rise to the occasion in confidence، the stars will offer steady support، even as Mars transits into your zodiac at the start of November.

Your health، wealth، and career are all destined to experience a powerful increase due to this shift. Open your hands and prepare to receive many more abundant blessings as you close out the year!


Challenges & Success 

The year 2018 ushers in a plentitude of blessings aimed directly at Pisces natives. You’ll be invited to advance upon countless opportunities to accumulate wealth – make the most of each offer، dear friend!

On January 17، Mars transits to Scorpio، which creates a noticeable shift in your luck. Pisces will experience a considerable rise in your courage and determination، giving you the power to turn every situation in your favour. Expect to receive lots of love and support from family and friends، as you embark on an exciting journey toward personal success!

March closes the first quarter with Mars’ transit to Sagittarius and Jupiter going into retrograde. These planetary shifts may increase the responsibilities piled onto your plate. Try to stay calm، Pisces، as you work through the challenges you face. No matter how stressful things may seem، make a conscious effort to remain positive and expect to see better days shortly.

Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18، placing professional concerns at the forefront of your mind. Do your best to juggle workplace pressures and personal concerns so you don’t allow unrelated issues to overflow onto each other. Fortunately، Pisces’ situation will start to improve when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. This second quarter shift is a beneficial placement for blessing your career. Expect to receive financial increases in many areas، dear friend.

The highs and lows of life are what builds character، Pisces. As Mars retrogrades on June 27، you need to pay attention to everything you do. Impulsive decisions should be placed off until another time. For now، trust in your profound wisdom so you can overcome any obstacles.

Things will turn around for you quickly، when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10. Pisces will see improvements in every area of your life، including your health and your finances – providence is preparing to bless you in every arena، dear friend!

As you enter the third quarter of 2018، you’ll witness how much luck favours you، Pisces. Mars goes progressive on August 31، shedding light on a prosperous path that’ll allow you to recover from any losses you incurred during the retrograde. Your personal relationships will improve too، granting you peace and tranquillity with the ones you love.

Boldly step into the final quarter of the year، because your lucky streak is expected to continue for quite a while! In October، Jupiter transits to Scorpio، which creates an auspicious moment for you. On November 9، Mars transits to Aquarius، which could cause you to spend more money than usual. Fortunately، the planets have aligned to provide you with a brand-new source of income too.

Enjoy the spiritual enlightenment you experience just before the new year. Use the wisdom drawn from your intuition to overcome any last-minute distractions. If you stay focused and keep positive energies around، you’ll continue this winning streak long after the new year rings in!




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What do you think about our new design?