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CIBF 2018: A brief summary of Cairo International Book Fair 10th day

Tuesday 06/February/2018 - 12:54 PM
Sada El Balad

The 49th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF)، resumed its activities for the 10th day، however، as the second terms in schools begins، the number of people flocking began to decline، nonetheless، the visitors were welcomed by volunteer teams، who had spread in the pavilions and cultural events sites، and provided them with the seminars schedules as well.

The visitors were treated to a mix of cultural experiences، in addition to everything else the book fair had to offer.

The Athena tent، the Halaib and Shalateen folklore Troupe performed a number of dances and songs of the heritage and folklore، in continuation to the activities of the General Authority for Culture Palaces at the book fair.

Meanwhile، the bait al Badia hosted a seminar entitled "Egyptian Treasures in the Egyptian Deserts"، chaired by visual artist Abdel Fattah el-Barassi، and with the participation of journalist Mustafa Khaled، Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram massai and Sheikh Attia Al-Masoudi.

In the seminar، Mustafa explained that it is necessary to establish a Ministry of Heritage to preserve it from extinction in general and in particular to the New Valley governorate، which is characterized by many tourist attractions، including the Temple of Naaddourh، the Temple of Hibis، and the Temple of Barbeah.

He called for the need for the better planning for the governorate to achieve the development objectives and become attractive for population and for productivity.

On the other hand، Sheikh Attia Al-Masoudi pointed out that the Egyptian desert contains many characteristic valleys and mountains، pointing out that the Sinai land contains، " Mount Helal، and Jabal Mousa”.

He stated that Sinai characterized by its fertile soil، where All kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown، explaining that there are many herbs that grow on rainwater، such as “marjoram".

Meanwhile، a cultural seminar was held at Mohammed Abu Al-Majd Hall under the title "Youth Initiative for Culture Competition" directed by Mohamed Wahdan to evaluate the work of 20 contestants who presented ideas for initiatives in the competition، by a committee made of the former Minister of Culture advisor Mohamed Mandour، the winner of Cultural Creativity Award Ahmed Al-Farran، and Anthropologist Mohamed Habib.

During the competition، the contestants presented a presentation of the ideas of their projects، which was most of them were praised by the jury members، who stressed on the importance of the competition in directing the creative energies that exist within the youth in different fields.

Mustafa Azab، who came up with the idea of the completion، said that it aims to support all the initiatives launched by the youth in the fields of culture and the arts، which will benefit the society by creating cultural industries with a youthful creativity.

On the other hand، the Egyptian Feminist Union held a roundtable discussion at the book fair under the title "Women and Sustainable Development"، chaired by Dr.Huda Al-Tahawi.

The meeting discussed the challenges Egyptian women faced and the means to develop a national agenda for the urgent needs of women، amid the attendee of a number of MPs and female leaders and media anchors.

On the other hand، the seminar held under the title “Egyptian-Russian cultural relations... challenges and potentials" which stress on the importance of strengthening cultural cooperation between the Egypt and Russia and to boosting its bilateral relations on the political level، managed by Sharif Gad.

A number of officials and intellectuals had attended the seminar including، the Head of the foreign cultural relations sector، Dr. Hisham Murad، Director of the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo Dr. Alex Tiffanyan، Russian Language professor at Ain Shams University، Dr. Mohamed Nasser Al-Jabali، and Archeology assistant professor at Fayoum University، Walid Ali.

During the seminar، Dr. Hisham Murad، called for boosting the cultural and media relations with Russia، especially since Moscow has good relations with Cairo political level wise.

Murad said that the soft power affects people's perceptions of things and that the Ministry of Culture had a tendency to consolidate relations and visit Russia had it not been for the commitments that prevented it.

Murad called on the Russian side to work to increase the exchange of knowledge between the two countries، pointing out that the Russian culture needs to be marketed well.

On the other hand، Alex Tiffanyan، said that the between Egyptian-Russian ties are at an advanced stage and are witnessing prosperity in all fields and coordination in various fields.

Coordination is continuing with the Egyptian officials to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the joint relations between the two countries، Alex added.

He expressed his happiness for the arrival of the Egyptian football national team to the 2018 World Cup which will be held in Russia and pointed that the "House of Supporters groups of the national team" will be opened at the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo، on February 8.

Tiffanyan revealed that the center will unveil the statue of the first Russian astronaut، as well as the statue of Dabn Diskov، who had visited Egypt and work in the center، in April.

He also revealed that the center is organizing training courses in language education in cooperation with the Egyptian universities، and will provide scholarships to more than 100 students as well، especially in the nuclear specialization، because Egypt needs these cadres.

The 10th day، also witnessed a seminar by Egypt’s Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly، during which، she expressed her happiness with the Cairo International Book Fair and the country’s keenness to establish it every year. 

"I was eager to attend the book fair with the parents to own different books،" she said.

“The most striking part of the book fair is the large presence of the youth، In addition to the heavy presence of women at the book fair، which is a proof that we are living in a good cultural state”.

"The Ministry of Solidarity is an old ministry that cares for the needs of poor people، in addition to the subsidies and care provided by the ministry in major disasters. The ministry also cares for people with special needs and expatriates، in addition to caring for addicts. The ministry works in the service of the Egyptian citizen - from cradle to grave” she added.

On the other hand، the Cairo International book fair main hall witnessed a discussion about the creativity of Tunisian author Mahmoud Messadi، managed by Rania Ahmed.

A number of intellectuals had attended the discussion including، literary critic Dr. Mohamad Ṭarshunah، literary critic Dr. Khalid Al-Ghuraibi، both who delivered a speech on Messadi.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif participates at the International Book Fair with an “Al-Azhar Al-Sharif library Encyclopedia” which comes in 28 volumes and produced by the library.

The encyclopedia consists of approximately 50،000 manuscripts، objectively cataloged at the Al-Azhar Pavilion at the International Book Fair to facilitate researchers and students of science.

Al-Azhar said in a statement on Monday that the encyclopedia starts with the manuscripts of the Quran، then the manuscripts of the sciences of the Quran، readings، and interpretation، then the term Hadith، and so on، which includes the descriptive data (bibliographic) of each manuscript.

The book fair also witnessed at the open theater dancing and singing performances by Young Men Muslim Private Schools in Benha، Qalioubia governorate، where they performed a number of religious songs، among them were Ibrahim Sabri، who dazzled everyone by his talent.

-CIBF in-depth-
In a form of confirming the return of Egypt to the forefront of the cultural scene-the 49th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF)، kicked off January 27 by the Minister of Culture، Dr. Inas Abdel Dayam، at the Cairo International Convention Centre، in Nasr City، where it witnessed a high turnout from Egyptians since then.

The Minister of Culture expressed her happiness with the huge participation of the various publishing houses، stressing that the intensive activities of the book fair produce a cultural movement that reflects positively on the society، aims to achieve development in all fields، and promotes public with means to face attempts of destruction and sabotage.

The CIBF runs from January 27 to February 10، with the theme for the year is "Soft Power: How?”، and CIBF's Person of the Year is Abdel Rahman al-Sharkawi.

The late Egyptian writer Abdel Rahman al-Sharkawi was chosen as the character of this edition due to his long history of writing about Algeria. He is the scenarist of Djamila Bouhired، in addition to his hundred literary novels، as well as his journalistic long history.

The 49th edition hosts a lot of new activities for the first time، such as establishing theaters، cinema halls and fine arts halls، in addition to increasing the number of books dedicated to children.

It compromises 1194 pavilions along 117 stands to sell the books.

In this edition، 27 nations will participate in the Book Fair، which includes 15 Arab، 10 foreign and 3 African countries، with Algeria as the guest of honor of this edition.

Algeria is officially participating in the book fair's activities through a number of writers and writers and some 70 publishers، about 10% of Algerian publishers.

Meanwhile، the participating Arab countries include Morocco، Saudi Arabia، Bahrain، Jordan، Kuwait، Oman،

Algeria، United Arab Emirates، Syria، Libya، Iraq، Lebanon، Yemen، Palestine، and Tunisia.

The participating African countries include Sudan، Somalia، and Ethiopia.

The participating foreign countries include America، Greece، Germany، France، Russia، Italy، China، Paraguay، and India.

In this edition، the number of publishers has reached 867 publishers، including 367 Arab publishers، 9

foreigners، and 3 Africans، 485 Egyptian publishers (7 press organizations and 34 government institutions)

The book fair also offers a cultural and artistic program divided into 16 official halls.

Noteworthy، the head of the General Egyptian Book Organization، and the CIBF official organizer Dr. Haitham Al-Haj، announced that the number of visitors to the book fair reached 1.3 million visitors on the nine day.

He stressed that it was the citizens who had won this year in proving that the reading rate has developed، through their keenness to visit the book fair.

Haitham al-Hajj told the Middle East News Agency on Monday that the sales of General Egyptian Book Organization publications amounted this year to one and a quarter million pounds، while، the sold publications surpassed 130 thousand copies.

Taha Hussein's book " Al-Fitna Al-Kubra” Among the Authority’s best-selling books، where 1200 copies were sold in nine days، Haitham added.

Al-Hajj pointed that the books that reviews extremist thought and terrorism accounted for 70% of sales، which reflects on the interest of the book fair’s audience، especially the youth.

It is expected that the number of visitors to five million visitors this year، an increase of one million visitors from last year.




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