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Spring Reading List: 45 Books to Read Before They Become Movies

Thursday 01/March/2018 - 10:08 AM
Sada El Balad
Edited by: Yara Sameh

Spring is set to thaw us out pretty soon، but while you shiver by the fire، why not grab a book? We have a list of the hottest things to read before they'll next be adapted for the big screen. There are the movies coming out soon you maybe didn't know were based on books، like Red Sparrow، plus the latest news from books that are being optioned for film، like Trevor Noah's autobiography. Read our list so you can start reading one of these!، popsugar reported.

What it's about: A young woman، Natasha، falls in love in New York City... just before she and her family are set to be deported back to Jamaica.

Who's starring: Yara Shahidi will play Natasha.

Release date: TBD

On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
What it's about: A young couple dates and marries in quick succession، but immediately runs into trouble on their honeymoon night.

Who's starring: Saoirse Ronan (who was nominated for an Oscar for her last Ian McEwan adaptation، Atonement) plays lead character Florence، opposite Billy Howle as her husband، Edward.

Release date: May 18، 2018

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison
What it's about: The book changes perspectives between a couple who has been together for 20 years while she takes care of him and he cheats on her.

Who's starring: Nicole Kidman will produce and star in the adaptation as the wife.

Release date: TBD

The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook
What it's about: In a war-torn post-WWII Germany، a British colonel moves into Hamburg to rebuild the city with his wife. They move into the home of a German man and his daughter، which has deep consequences for all of them.

Who's starring: Jason Clarke is playing the colonel، Keira Knightley is starring as his wife، and Alexander Skarsgard is playing their German host.

Release date: 2018

Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
What it's about: Roxane، an American soprano، travels to South America to perform a private concert، which is then crashed by guerrilla forces.

Who's starring: Julianne Moore will star as Roxane alongside Ken Watanabe and Demián Bichir. Paul Weitz will direct.

Release date: 2018

The Mothers by Brit Bennett
What it's about: A secret haunts the residents of a black community in a Southern California town.

Who's starring: Kerry Washington will produce with no word on whether or not she will also star.

Release date: TBD

Where'd You Go، Bernadette by Maria Semple
Image Source: Everett Collection
What it's about: After her mom، Bernadette، disappears، 15-year-old Bee dives into emails، documents، and secret correspondence to find her.

Who's starring: Richard Linklater is set to direct the film، and Cate Blanchett has been cast as Bernadette. Kristen Wiig، Billy Crudup، and Judy Greer are also set to star. Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber — the writers behind (500) Days of Summer — are writing the screenplay.

Release date: Oct. 19، 2018

The Black Hand by Stephan Talty
What it's about: Set in the Summer of 1903، a detective investigates a crime outbreak that has ties to the beginnings of the mafia in America.

Who's starring: Leonardo DiCaprio will star in and produce the adaptation.

Release date: 2018

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
What it's about: Following the end of World War II، London writer Juliet Ashton is looking for inspiration for her next book when she becomes acquainted with a wild crew on Guernsey Island after receiving a letter. She becomes drawn into the world of the man who wrote to her and his friends under Nazi occupation.

Who's starring: Michiel Huisman، Lily James، and Glen Powell will costar in the adaptation.

Release date: April 19، 2018

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
What it's about: An awkward genetics professor falls for a woman who does not fit into his ascribed criteria، the titular Rosie.

Who's starring: Ryan Reynolds is attached to potentially star.

Release date: 2019

The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz
What it's about: In the first book since David Lagercrantz took over the Millennium trilogy from the late Stieg Larsson، Lisbeth investigates an organization called the Spider Society.

Who's starring: Claire Foy is playing Lisbeth Salander، taking over from Rooney Mara. Lakeith Stanfield and Stephen Merchant costar.

Release date: Oct. 19، 2018

First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen
What it's about: The life of astronaut Neil Armstrong، the first man to walk on the moon.

Who's starring: Ryan Gosling is playing Neil Armstrong in the biopic، which reunites him with La La
Land director Damien Chazelle. Claire Foy is playing his wife، Janet، and Jon Bernthal also costars.

Release date: Oct. 12، 2018

The Grand Escape by Neal Bascomb
What it's about: The true story follows three WWII pilots who are captured and put in a POW prison in Germany — and who، as the title suggests، escape from it.

Who's starring: There's no cast yet، but Room director Lenny Abrahamson will direct the

Release date: TBD

Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household
What it's about: The classic British novel follows a man who attempts to assassinate a dictator who is hunted by authorities himself after he fails.

Who's starring: Benedict Cumberbatch will produce and star.

Release date: TBD

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll
What it's about: A glamorous 20-something New Yorker hides a dark secret in her past.

Who's starring: No one has been cast yet، but Reese Witherspoon is producing the movie.

Release date: TBD

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
What it's about: This coming-of-age tale tells the story of a boy and his fascination with a tiny but special painting.

Who's starring: John Crowley will direct، and Ansel Elgort will play Theo; here's the rest of the cast.

Release date: Oct. 11، 2019

Dune by Frank Herbert
What it's about: The cult-classic novel weaves an interstellar epic in a not-too-distant future.

Who's starring: Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve will direct the adaptation، which hasn't been cast yet.

Release date: TBD

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson
What it's about: In the 1960s، single Kitty owns a bookshop but dreams of a life where she's married with children — and she starts to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

Who's starring: Julia Roberts will play Kitty.

Release date: TBD

Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews
What it's about: Russian prima ballerina Dominika turns spy after her ballet career ends.
Who's starring: Jennifer Lawrence plays Dominika in the adaptation. Joel Edgerton and Charlotte Rampling also star.

Release date: March 2، 2018

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
What it's about: The timely novel (one of our favorites of the year) tells the story of young Starr Carter، who witnesses her best friend being killed at the hands of a police officer.

Who's starring: Amandla Stenberg is playing Starr، Regina King will play her mother، and Anthony Mackie، Common، and Issa Rae all costar.

Release date: TBD

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
What it's about: A suburban couple attend a disastrous barbecue in this mystery.

Who's starring: Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon (who both star in another Moriarty adaptation، Big Little Lies) will produce the adaptation، though there is no news yet on whether either actress will star.

Release date: TBD

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
What it's about: Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty spins a tale of three women linked by a devastating secret.

Who's starring: Blake Lively will star as Cecelia.

Release date: TBD

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
What it's about: Spanning decades، the book kicks off in 1962 on the Italian coast، following the ups and downs of a love affair that ends in Hollywood years later.

Who's starring: Imogen Poots will play Dee Moray، and Sam Mendes will produce and potentially direct the film adaptation.

Release date: TBD

The Seconds by Anders Roslund and Borge Hellström
What it's about: A convict works undercover for the FBI infiltrating the mob's drug trade in NY.

Who's starring: Rosamund Pike، Clive Owen، Ana de Armas، and Joel Kinnaman are starring.
Release date: Aug. 17، 2018

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
What it's about: The unbelievable true story of Daniel Burnham، the architect responsible for the construction of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893، and Dr. H. H. Holmes، a serial killer who used the fair to lure victims to his own "World's Fair Hotel" — and to their deaths.

Who's starring: Leonardo DiCaprio will play the sick-minded Holmes، though there's no word yet on who will step in as Burnham. Martin Scorsese will direct.

Release date: TBD

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie
What it's about: The follow-up to 2017's Murder on the Orient Express، this Hercule Poirot mystery has the famous detective investigating a murder on the Egyptian river.

Who's starring: Kenneth Branagh will likely reprise his role as Poirot and direct as well.

Release date: 2019

The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell
What it's about: When a woman loses her whole family in a plane crash، she seeks revenge after being recruited by an intelligence agency.

Who's starring: Blake Lively (who has been unrecognizable on set) is playing Stephanie. Jude Law costars.

Release date: 2019

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
What it's about: New York-based Nick brings his girlfriend، Rachel، home for a wedding in Singapore، where she discovers he's vastly wealthy — and that she may not fit into that world.

Who's starring: The movie adaptation has a huge، well-known cast including Constance Wu and Ken Jeong. Jon Chu is directing.

Release date: Aug. 17، 2018

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
What it's about: In this coming-of-age novel، high school junior Simon hasn't come out yet، but he's forced to do so when a classmate finds out.

Who's starring: 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford will play the female lead، Leah، and
Everything، Everything's Nick Robinson will play Simon. Greg Berlanti will direct.

Release date: March 16، 2018

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
What it's about: Two sisters in France end up in different positions during WWII; one fights with the resistance and one becomes a prisoner.

Who's starring: Sam Claflin is starring، and Michelle MacLaren will direct.

Release date: Jan. 25، 2019

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick
What it's about: A woman dealing with the breakup of her marriage heads back to her hometown to clear the name of a former teacher.

Who's starring: Emma Stone will star in the movie، which is being adapted by Mike White.

Release date: TBD

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
What it's about: In the first novel of the Chaos Walking series، Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade، two teens living on an Earth-like planet، are affected by a plague called The Noise but discover a way to control it. The movie adaptation is being called Chaos Walking.

Who's starring: Daisy Ridley is playing Viola، and Tom Holland will star as Todd.
Release date: Mar. 1، 2019

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
What it's about: The inspirational self-help guide that posits that a person can will their desires into reality with thought.

Who's starring: Katie Holmes will star in the adaptation، in which she's playing a widow who meets a handyman who believes in the secret.

Release date: TBD

The Son by Jo Nesbo
What it's about: A young man is in prison because he has confessed to the crimes of others، but he breaks out to avenge his murdered father.

Who's starring: Jake Gyllenhaal will star with his Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve at the helm.
Release date: TBD

The Game by Neil Strauss
What it's about: Former self-described AFC (average frustrated chump) Neil Strauss got fed up with being a mediocre dater and infiltrated an underground society of pick-up gurus. The book is part memoir، part how-to guide.

Who's starring: James Franco will both produce and star in the film as pick-up artist Mystery.

Release date: TBD

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
What it's about: Fourteen-year-old Meg Murry's father goes missing after working on a government project، setting off Meg's fantastical journey through space and time.

Who's starring: Ava DuVernay will direct the adaptation، and the three Mrs. have been cast: Reese Witherspoon will play Mrs. Whatsit، Mindy Kaling will play Mrs. Who، and Oprah Winfrey will play Mrs. Which. See the whole cast here.

Release date: March 9، 2018

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch
What it's about: Called a "feminist fairy tale،" the story follows a princess who has to save her prince from a dragon while clad in the titular paper bag.

Who's starring: While Elizabeth Banks and Margot Robbie are both producing، Robbie is the only one of them who may star.

Release date: TBD

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
What it's about: In the futuristic YA novel، the government tries to intern and suppress young people with special abilities، including 16-year-old Ruby.

Who's starring: Amandla Stenberg will play Ruby، and Mandy Moore will play a doctor.

Release date: Sept. 14، 2018

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
What it's about: In the May 2017 novel from the writer of The Girl on the Train، the bodies of a woman and that of a teenage girl are found at the bottom of the same river in a small town.

Who's starring: The novel was optioned in February by DreamWorks، but no one has been cast yet.

Release date: TBD

Witness For the Prosecution by Agatha Christie
What it's about: The short story follows a courtroom drama of a murder case with lots of twists، turns، and marital intrigue.

Who's starring: Ben Affleck will direct and star in the movie.

Release date: 2019

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
What it's about: In this young-adult romance، a girl named Violet falls for Finch، a boy who is intent on ending his life.

Who's starring: Elle Fanning is starring and Miguel Arteta is directing.

Release date: TBD

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
What it's about: Teenager Wade Watts gets sucked into a virtual universe in a dystopian future society in 2044.

Who's starring: Tye Sheridan will play Wade، Olivia Cooke will play his love interest، and Ben Mendelsohn، T.J. Miller، and Simon Pegg will costar in the sci-fi flick، which is being directed by Steven Spielberg.

Release date: March 30، 2018




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