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27 of the Best New Books You Should Read This Spring

Wednesday 07/March/2018 - 10:59 AM
Sada El Balad
Edited by: Yara Sameh

1.I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos، Out March 6
The beloved characters Marisa de los Santos created in Love Walked In and Belong to Me come to life again in I'll Be Your Blue Sky. On her wedding weekend، Clare Hobbes meets an older woman. That one chance meeting causes her to break off her engagement، and weeks later Clare learns that the other woman has died... but not before leaving her with another life-changing gift. A beautiful novel about family، friendship، and courage.

2. The Hunger by Alma Katsu، Out March 6
In his mashup where historical fiction meets horror، The Hunger is a retelling of the tragic story of the Donner Party with a supernatural twist. When a party of nearly a hundred men، women، and children sets out for the American West، they have no idea what awaits them. It's creepy، it's surreal، and it's endlessly fascinating.

3. Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao، Out March 6
Two girls born in India. Both Poornima and Savitha are expert weavers expected to find suitable husbands، and they form a bond. When a devastating crime forces Savitha to flee، Poornima sets off on a course to find her friend. Girls Burn Brighter is a beautiful testament to female friendship.

4. The Flicker of Old Dreams by Susan Henderson، Out March 13
"The dead come to me vulnerable، sharing their stories and secrets." When Mary Crampton is a child، an accident in her small town's grain elevator takes the life of a celebrated high school athlete، Eddie Golden، and his brother takes the blame for it. Years later، the town has never recovered from the accident، and Mary has never left، working as an embalmer at her father's mortuary. When Eddie Golden's brother returns to town to care for his dying mother، it sends the town into upheaval، especially when Mary befriends him. The Flicker of Old Dreams is lyrical and beautiful، exploring the idea of how the past informs the present and asking the question: is it ever too late to follow our dreams?

5.The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel، Out March 27
An American، a British fighter pilot، and an 11-year-old girl in Paris: these three people have seemingly nothing in common، but as France falls to the Nazis، their lives intersect in ways they could never have imagined. The Room on Rue Amelie is a World War II story of courage against all odds and fighting for what you believe in.

6. Tangerine by Christine Mangan، Out March 27
Get whisked away to Tangiers، 1956، in Christine Mangan's debut novel، Tangerine. When old friend Lucy tracks down Alice when she's with her new husband in a faraway land، Lucy doesn't seem particularly welcome. Why haven't the friends spoken in a year? This is a Hitchcockian thrill ride that's so evocative، it will make you swear you've been to Morocco.

7. What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw by Leah Stewart، Out March 27
Charlie Outlaw (yes، that's his real name) is a huge star. Reeling from a breakup، he flees to a remote island where no one knows him. But that's when the trouble starts. Back in LA، his ex — at one time a big star in her own right — can't seem to forget him. What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw is a smart، clever novel about who we are and how we form our identities.

8. Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser، Out March 27
It's a girls' night out around a backyard firepit، with the women whose backyards meet in a small Ohio town gathering to drink wine، talk، and enjoy some kid-free time. But the next morning، one of the women is gone. And so are her kids. In Not That I Could Tell، each of the neighbors deals with the disappearance of their friend differently، and as the police investigate، secrets are revealed and lives are changed.

9. The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer، Out April 3
Leave it to Meg Wolitzer to craft a book so completely in touch with the zeitgeist، you'd swear she could see the future. The Female Persuasion is a gorgeously written novel filled with big ideas، but mostly it's just a damn good read. When Greer Kadetsky meets her feminist idol، Faith Frank، it will change both of their lives and the lives around them. A fiercely smart novel about relationships، female power، and how we pursue our dreams.

10. Varina by Charles Frazier، Out April 3
From the acclaimed author of Cold Mountain comes Varina، a novel based on the real-life story of Varina Davis، a little-known historical figure. Married to Jefferson Davis، the man who would soon become the president of the Confederacy، she soon finds herself on the wrong side of history. A novel about America at its darkest time and a woman who is willing to risk everything for her family.

11. Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley، Out April 3
Sloane Crosley returns to the genre that made her a household name: humorous essays. Look Alive Out There features 16 hilarious essays that cover everything from Gossip Girl to porn stars to crashing shiva. A must-read collection that will have you laughing out loud.

12. Sophia of Silicon Valley by Anna Yen، Out April 10
Silicon Valley: home to such geniuses as Steve Jobs، Elon Musk، and now... Sophia. There aren't a lot of women in the spotlight in Silicon Valley like Sophia Young، the outspoken daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. When she lands a job working for the founder of a groundbreaking software company، she'll learn what it takes to make it in this boys' club and what she's willing to sacrifice. Sophia of Silicon Valley is a smart، fast roman à clef، written by a former industry insider.

13. The Elizas by Sara Shepard، Out April 17
Calling all Pretty Little Liars fans! Sara Shepard is making her adult fiction debut with The Elizas، a thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Eliza is a debut novelist who swears she didn't jump into a hotel pool — but with her past history of suicide attempts، will anyone believe her? She is forced to investigate on her own، and alternate chapters give us a glimpse into the fictional world she's created. Who would want Eliza dead?

14. The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner، Out April 24
In the follow-up to her USA Today bestselling novel The Forever Summer، Jamie Brenner takes us to another beach town، this time on the Jersey Shore. Widow Lauren Adelman just wants to hide. After her star athlete-turned-soldier husband is killed in combat، she revels in being alone at her family's Summer home. But this Summer، her parents and sister are coming to share the beach house. And a reporter is interested in the real story behind her husband's death. The Husband Hour is an irresistible must read about dealing with our pasts، gaining strength from our struggles، and what it really takes to move on.

15. You Think It، I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld، Out April 24
Something new from Curtis Sittenfeld is always a treat، and You Think It، I'll Say It is no exception. This collection of short stories is smart and funny and honest، and you'll want to discuss it with your best friend immediately.

16. Love and Ruin by Paula McLain، Out May 1
Paula McLain's novel The Paris Wife sold over a million copies. She swore she would never write about Ernest Hemingway again. But inspiration is a funny thing، and she found herself dreaming about Martha Gellhorn، the smart، strong woman who would become Hemingway's third wife. Love and Ruin is the fictional story of their passionate relationship and Gellhorn's struggle as she forges a career as a war correspondent.

17. The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy، Out May 1
A handful of Brooklyn moms make up the May Mothers، a group of women who all gave birth in May and meet regularly to support one another. On a moms' night out، one of the babies goes missing، sending the group into a tizzy. How well do the May Mothers really know one another? The Perfect Mother asks the question: what does it mean to be a good mother?

18. Limelight by Amy Poeppel، Out May 1
When a small fender bender puts Manhattan transplant Allison Brinkley in the orbit of teen superstar Carter Reid، she has no idea her life is about to change. Unemployed، she soon becomes his personal assistant (and makeshift mother) as he embarks on the biggest role of his career: performing on Broadway. Now all Allison needs to do is get Carter to rehearsals on time، unpack her new NYC apartment، and take care of three kids and a husband. And a dog. Limelight is a fun peek into the world of teen idols and Manhattan life.

19. Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane، Out May 1
A sister is dead. But we're not canceling Spring Fling because we can't get the deposit back. Sorority is a dark look behind the closed doors of Greek life، diving deeply into each of the sisters' lives as we discover their secrets، their fears، and how the death of a sister affects them. Evocative of The Virgin Suicides and Girls in White Dresses، this debut novel is utterly mesmerizing.

20. Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist، Out May 1
From the acclaimed writer of The Rosie Project comes Two Steps Forward، another quirky tale of finding yourself. They say that the Camino — a pilgrimage from France to Spain — will change you. And for two walkers، both recovering from broken hearts، the challenge will teach them about themselves and about each other.

21. That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam، Out May 8
After tackling the subject of female friendship in Rich and Pretty، Rumaan Alam now turns his keen eye to motherhood and adoption. That Kind of Mother is a thought-provoking story about what happens when a beloved nanny dies، leaving her own child motherless. Exploring themes of race، privilege، and family، Alam's second novel will leave you thinking about it long after finishing.

22. The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews، Out May 8
Nothing says the start of Summer like a new book from Mary Kay Andrews. And in her latest، The High Tide Club، she brings us to Talisa Island، the massive island home of eccentric heiress Josephine Bettendorf Warrick. When the 99-year-old millionaire summons attorney Brooke Trappnell to her island، Brooke has no idea why. Once there، Josephine reveals the mission: to help her make amends with the heirs of her long-lost friends، four women who shared everything... maybe even a murder. An irresistible story of love، friendship، and skinny-dipping.

23. The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll، Out May 15
Fans of Jessica Knoll's Luckiest Girl Alive، buckle up. In The Favorite Sister، Knoll takes us through the crazy world of reality TV، filled with careful observations and complete OMG moments، like no author can. The story of five women on a reality show called The Goal Diggers، it is utterly unputdownable. Read it، then have fun with your friends trying to figure out which real-life reality stars inspired each of the fictional ones here.

24. Best Beach Ever by Wendy Wax، Out May 22
In the sixth installment of her Ten Beach Road series، Wendy Wax gives us Best Beach Ever. After losing their reality TV show، Do Over، unlikely friends Maddie، Nikki، Avery، Kyra، and Bitsy will face completely new challenges as they navigate life. A feel-good novel about friendship، hopes، and dreams.

25. Campaign Widows by Aimee Agresti، Out May 22
Campaign widow: a person who has lost their spouse to the world of politics. The book Campaign Widows: a fun، escapist read about an election gone wild and the women (and men!) behind the scenes. You may be sick of politics، but this story of love and friendship will keep you turning the pages long into the night.

26. The Summer I Met Jack by Michelle Gable، Out May 29
Ah، the Kennedys. Is there any family more famous، more storied? In The Summer I Met Jack، Michelle Gable takes on this legendary family in a story about a young Polish refugee who lands work as a maid for Jack Kennedy. The Summer I Met Jack is based on true events، all of which make this heartbreaking story all the more fascinating.

27.The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware، Out May 29
Fans of The Woman in Cabin 10، rejoice. Ruth Ware is bringing you another page-turning tale of suspense. When tarot card reader Hal receives a letter informing her of a large inheritance، she quickly realizes that it was sent to the wrong person. Does she claim the money? When she attends the funeral، things only get stranger. Thrilling and clever، The Death of Mrs. Westaway will be hard to put down.




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