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The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World

Sunday 01/April/2018 - 10:10 AM
Sada El Balad
Edited by: Yara Sameh

The exclusive inside story of Facebook and how it has revolutionized the way the world uses the Internet. “A fantastic book، filled with great reporting and colorful narrative” (Walter Isaacson).

In little more than half a decade، Facebook has gone from a dorm-room novelty to a company with 500 million users. It is one of the fastest growing companies in history، an essential part of the social life not only of teenagers but hundreds of millions of adults worldwide. As Facebook spreads around the globe، it creates surprising effects—even becoming instrumental in political protests from Colombia to Iran.

Veteran technology reporter David Kirkpatrick had the full cooperation of Facebook’s key executives in researching this fascinating history of the company and its impact on our lives. Kirkpatrick tells us how Facebook was created، why it has flourished، and where it is going next. He chronicles its successes and missteps، and gives readers the most complete assessment anywhere of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg، the central figure in the company’s remarkable ascent. This is the Facebook story that can be found nowhere else.

How did a nineteen-year-old Harvard student create a company that has transformed the Internet and how did he grow it to its current enormous size? Kirkpatrick shows how Zuckerberg steadfastly refused to compromise his vision، insistently focusing on growth over profits and preaching that Facebook must dominate (his word) communication on the Internet. In the process، he and a small group of key executives have created a company that has changed social life in the United States and elsewhere، a company that has become a ubiquitous presence in marketing، altering politics، business، and even our sense of our own identity. This is the Facebook Effect.

Paperback: 384 pages
Author: David Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; First Paperback Edit edition (February 1، 2011)
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.9 x 9.2 inches

About the Author
David Kirkpatrick was for many years the senior editor for Internet and technology at Fortune magazine. While at Fortune، he wrote cover stories about Apple، IBM، Intel، Microsoft، Sun، and numerous other technology subjects. Beginning in 2001، he created Fortune’s Brainstorm conference series. More recently، he organized the Techonomy conference on the centrality of technology innovation for all human activity. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and appears frequently on television، radio، and the Internet as an expert on technology.

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
There's never been a Web site like Facebook: more than 350 million people have accounts، and if the growth rate continues، by 2013 every Internet user worldwide will have his or her own page. And no one's had more access to the inner workings of the phenomenon than Kirkpatrick، a senior tech writer at Fortune magazine. Written with the full cooperation of founder Mark Zuckerberg، the book follows the company from its genesis in a Harvard dorm room through its successes over Friendster and MySpace، the expansion of the user base، and Zuckerberg's refusal to sell. The author is at his best discussing the social implications of the site، from the changing notions of privacy to why and how people use Facebook—increasingly it's to come together around a common interest or cause (the eponymous Facebook Effect). Though significantly more informative، thoughtful، and credible than Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires، it may be hamstrung by its late entry; the furor over Facebook has more or less subsided، and potential readers are more likely to be using the site than to be reading about its origins. (June)

From Booklist
*Starred Review* The greatest measure of the appeal of a business narrative is its story-ability، that is، the ways in which the tale of a corporation’s ups and downs grabs its readers. Such is the case with Fortune magazine journalist Kirkpatrick’s look at Facebook and its growth. The reason? In part because its co-founder now CEO Mark Zuckerberg allowed almost unprecedented access to the author––not one but several times. The results seems to mirror Zuckerberg’s insistence on an “open and transparent” dialogue with itself and with its customers. Starting from a 2003 Harvard campus Web site created to keep track of schoolmates، Facebook has grown in less than a decade to nearly a half billion users and multimillions in revenues، a growth trajectory credited to its C-suite’s unwavering vision and its continual innovations––including News Feed، multiple applications، and self-service advertising. Talented people، too، add to the explosion that is Facebook; Kirkpatrick’s pages are populated with names like Steve Ballmer، Lawrence Summers، Larry Brin، and lesser-known others who’ve contributed to this social networking phenomenon. Kirkpatrick also keeps his superlatives in check، weaving stories about Zuckerberg and his cadre while clearly showing the warts as well. An intriguing، almost participatory، read. --Barbara Jacobs --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

“A thoughtful، even-handed analysis of the Web site’s impact.... "The Facebook Effect" leaves you with a deep understanding of Facebook، its philosophies and، most startlingly، its power.”
--David Pogue، "The New York Times Book Review"

“Kirkpatrick’s amazing reporting details what happens when a hacker culture turns into a multi-billion-dollar firm. Mark Zuckerberg sought to maintain that hacker energy، and it ’s fascinating to read what resulted.”
--Chris Anderson، editor of "Wired" and author of "The Long Tail"

“"The Facebook Effect" is actually two books in one. One part is the exhaustively reported story of Facebook’s founding and meteoric rise to near ubiquity; the other is a thoughtful analysis of its impact."
--Ethan Gilsdorf، "The Boston Globe"

“Fast-paced.... makes for gripping reading.”
--G. Pascal Zachary، "The San Francisco Chronicle"

“Kirkpatrick’s telling of the early days of Facebook is exciting.... His reporting skills are impressive.”
--Rachel Metz، "Associated Press"

“Kirkpatrick tells a gripping tale of how the company was created and came to such dominance. As someone who followed the story almost from day one، I was still enlightened، entertained and sometimes dumbfounded by the rich detail and juicy goings-on.”
—Don Tapscott، "The Globe and Mail" (Toronto)

“Kirkpatrick gives the reader a detailed understanding of how the company grew from a 2004 Harvard dorm-room project into the world’s second-most-visited site after Google."
--Michiko Kakutani، "The New York Times

“A fascinating book.”
--Dan Fletcher، "Time

“Engrossing.... A detailed and scrupulously fair history of [Facebook].”
--Rich Jaroslovsky، "Bloomberg Businessweek

"Kirkpatrick's telling of the early days of Facebook is exciting.... His reporting skills are impressive."
--Rachel Metz، "Associated Press"




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