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The new Toyota Supra has been officially revealed at the Detroit Motor Show

Monday 14/January/2019 - 11:13 AM
Sada El Balad
Edited By: Rabea Yehia

After literally waiting years (five of them، actually) to see the new Toyota Supra in full – the firm has leaked its own photo just days before the car’s official reveal at the Detroit Motor Show next week، as CarWow said.

CarWow added that in what’ll probably go down as the most painfully drawn-out car launch in history – the Toyota Supra has been officially revealed by Toyota… by complete accident after the Mexican wing of the company posted a video، in error، on Twitter and then promptly removed it. But not before several people copied and shared it.

Factor in the fact that the car was shown in concept back in 2014، appears not to have changed a whole lot since and has been subject to multiple leaks and teasers in the interim، and Toyota should be under no illusions why your patience is wearing thin.

The whole long، drawn-out affair will finally come to a close when the car will be officially unveiled at the Detroit motor show، but there is genuine cause for excitement in this photo.

For a kickoff، it looks like no other sports car on sale at the moment and – even if you don’t like it (we think its a ‘grower’) that’s something worth celebrating. Much like the old Mazda RX-7 – ironically one of the old Supra’s biggest rivals – the 2019 Supra’s curves appear to have been vacuum packed to the car’s internals.

And it’s not just how the cars looks in this photo that should catch your attention – it’s also how it’s being driven. As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ and in this case، ‘actions’ take the form of precisely executed tail slides performed centimeters from a wall. It all points towards the Supra being a superbly balanced sports car that should be a sack load of fun to drive on a twisty road.

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