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Dalia El Behery shares first look to her role in TV series “Valentino”… Mais Hamdan in Gym

Thursday 14/March/2019 - 04:36 PM
Dalia El Behery
Dalia El Behery
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Rania Yassin share a cute photo with her husband

Rania Mahmoud Yassin، multi-talented star، and daughter of prominent actor،Mahmoud Yassin and retired actress Shahira، posted on her official “Instagram” account new pictures of herself with her husband، actor Mohamed Reyad.

Many fans had commented on the pictures، wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Amr Diab to perform live in UAE on March 28

Egyptian megastar، Amr Diab will perform live at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre، Dubai، United Arab Emirates، on March 22.

Amr took to his official “Instagram” account، to announce his upcoming concert.

The concert will take place from 05:00 PM – 8:30 PM (Cairo local time).

Emirati singer، Hussain Al Jassmi promoted on his social media accounts for his new song “Ahzan We Marat”.

Ahzan We Marat is by the lyrics of Badr bin Abdul Muhsin، and composted by Dr. Talal.

Egyptian superstar، Hakim made a throwback to his honoring by New Jersey mayor، Brett Chandler in March 1998.

He posted a number of photos from the honoring and captioned: “#Just like these days… An extraordinary achievement achieved by star #Hakim.

Hakim received an exceptional achievement and special honor by New Jersey mayor، Brett Chandler as he gave him “New Jersey state key” as a token of appreciation to his great popularity and his respectful art، which is a honoring global stars receive.

This comes after Hakim performed a concert in March 1998 attended by about 5000 of the various Arab and foreign communities in the city of Atlantic City at the theater owned by famous businessman Donald Trump، who is currently President of the United States of America......”
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#زي_اليومين_دول ..... < إنجاز استثنائي للفنان #حكيم > إنجاز استثنائي و تكريم خاص حصل عليه الفنان حكيم حين أهداه"بريت شندلر" عمدة ولاية" نيو چيرسي "مفتاح الولاية تقديرآ لشعبيته الكبيرة و فنه الراقي و هو التكريم الذي يحصل عليه المشاهير علي مستوي العالم . بعد أن قدم حكيم حفلا غنائيا في مارس ١٩٩٨ حضره حوالي ٥٠٠٠ من مختلف الجاليات العربيه والأجنبية بمدينة "أتلانتيك سيتي"علي مسرح رجل الأعمال الشهير آنذاك دونالد ترامب الذي يتولي حاليا رئيس الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ...... الصور للكاتب الصحفي الذي حضر التكريم عاطف البيلي رئيس تحرير جريدة اللواء العربي ورجل الأعمال بدر زهني .

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Dalia El Behery shares first look to her role in TV series “Valentino” 

Actress Dalia El Behery shared with her fans on Instagram a first look to her role in TV series “El Zaeem” Adel Emam’s TV series “Valentino”، which will be premiered in Ramadan 2019.

She posted a photo from the behind-the-scenes of the TV series and captioned: “Noura ❤”.
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Hend Sabri blows minds in her latest Instagram photo

Tunisian actress، Hend Sabri posted a new picture of herself via her “Instagram” account.

Hend looked stunning in a casual look، with a simple make-up and hair-style، which gained the admiration of her fans across the social network.

Multi-talented star، Mais Hamdan posted on her official "Facebook" account a video of herself while she was working out in the gym.

The video stirred a state of controversy among her fans، who expressed their admiration with her fitness and elegance. 

Salma Abu Deif shares a stunning makeup-free photo
Rising Egyptian actress and model، Salma Abu Deif shared on her official “Instagram” account a stunning makeup-free photo.

“A 3 years old raw no makeup portrait.” She captioned.
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A 3 years old raw no makeup portrait.

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Priyanka Chopra reacts to Exes Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus DM'ing Each Other

Image result for Priyanka Chopra reacts to Exes Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus DM'ing Each Other

If you grew up in the early-to-mid aughts، then you were probably obsessed with Hollywood's hottest couple: Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

They were undoubtedly Disney Channel's power couple، and fans' hearts broke when the two called it quits. Thankfully، Cyrus released the female anthem for teens everywhere، "7 Things،" which was totes about Nick. It was the "Thank U، Next" of that generation.

Fast-forward to 2019 and both celebrities are happily married to other people—Cyrus married her longtime love Liam Hemsworth and Nick tied the knot with Priyanka Chopra.

In honor of Women's History Month، Miley has been reminiscing on her Disney days and early aughts fashion. So much so، that her series of throwback videos have caught the attention of her former flame: Mr. Jonas.

The "Wrecking Ball" songstress cheekily posted a DM from the 26-year-old star on Instagram. "That moment when even your ex knows your socials have been [fire]،" she wrote with eight accompanying fire emojis.

The Jonas Brothers band member messaged Cyrus، "Amazing. These throwback shots have been [fire]."

Nick wasn't the only one to notice the "Can't Be Tamed" star's nostalgic posts.

Mrs. Jonas—AKA Priyanka—reacted to Miley's caption about her beau، writing، "Lol. Hahaha.. Hubby is right. These posts r [fire]."

The "Sucker" singer has also been on "fire" lately. Things have been going exceptionally well for the newlyweds that Nick surprised his wife with the ultimate gift: a luxury car.

On Tuesday، the 26-year-old star gave his wife a black (or dark blue) Mercedes Maybach.

"When the hubby goes number one.. the wifey gets a @maybach !!" Chopra captioned the photo of them smiling and kissing in front of the new car. "Introducing.. Extra Chopra Jonas.. haha.. I love you baby!! Yaaay! Best husband ever.."

It's clear Mr. and Mrs. Jonas are enjoying the married life، and considering the 36-year-old actress starred in the rom-com Isn't It Romantic with Hemsworth، it seems there's nothing awkward about the stars' Instagram interactions.

Now، can Miley please keep these throwback videos coming? This is tugging at our tween hearts.




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