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A mother is more than just a parent

Wednesday 20/March/2019 - 11:37 AM
Khaleej Times
A mother is more than just a parent. She is a friend، a confidant، a teacher and a protector، who will love you more than life itself. A selfless being، the power of a mother's love knows no bounds، no laws and dares to defy all obstacles for her child. Your mother may look like any other ordinary individual، but deep down، her unfathomable love and compassion have left a lasting impression on your conscience.

Your mother has given you not only the gift of life but also the gift of you. Her emotional availability and life lessons have helped you become a loving and profound individual with unconditional warmth to share with others. Being a mother is a full-time profession، which is also perhaps the most self-fulfilling job a woman undertakes.

Wholehearted Love

Motherhood begins from the day a woman first conceives her baby. She waits with her glittering eyes to bring you into a world of love and security. Children who share a positive maternal bond by receiving unconditional love from their mothers tend to be better at emotional cognisance، verbal and social skills. Your small، notorious acts and tantrums are borne by the woman who patiently controls her impulses. When you dropped food on yourself or got threw up all over her clothes، she didn't complain; she loved you with all her heart. Her companion، OMO may have been there to help her with the stains، but it was your smile that pushed her through the day.

Well-Being And Protection

A mother always picks you up no matter how many times you fall. Quite literally، she has picked you up from muddy puddles and sandpits to teach you independence by learning how to encourage your interests. It becomes her responsibility to provide a sound environment for you to bloom into a self-sustaining individual، even if it means crushing down all that stands in your path of glory.

OMO detergent has more in common with MOM than just alphabets. It helps a busy، modern-day mother to embolden the spirit of her children's interest as they play and learn a little more every day. Children that receive positive encouragement from mothers to pursue their interests develop a stronger and more secure bond with others in life.

A Disciplinarian

A mother plays many roles in the life of her children. As an influencer، she builds an emotional foundation that later becomes the most powerful gift for you. Her perseverance to teach you the struggles and pains of life may break her heart، but it will help you build a stronger tomorrow. Her parental intervention will teach you confidence، responsibility and deep values of life. As a teacher، a mother never gives up on her children no matter how old they are.

Your Responsibility

This Mother's Day، the tables may turn as your mother turns a year older and weaker. She was once a strong، independent woman who raised you to be the person you are today. And now as age catches up with her، your support will become her strength. A person who was always there for you when you needed them most، needs you today. She may not be able to walk as fast as she did before، or may spill food on herself and be unable to maintain the same level of cleanliness that she once taught you. Now، it's your turn to embrace her with warmth، care and love.

Just like she picked you up when you fell down، it's time to hold her hand and support her when she needs it. And just as she washed your soiled clothes without a complain، you should do the same for her. Because she never held back from giving you all the love and care you needed to make you what you are. So، this Mother's Day، it's time to celebrate the woman who has devoted her life to you by fulfilling your responsibilities towards her.

Sure، Mother's Day is an occasion when your mom deserves all the love، care، and happiness you can give her. The little things you do for her will certainly bring a smile to her face every day. And you can bring an even brighter smile to your mom's face thanks to OMO's discount on jewellery from Joyalukkas and Carrefour. So، buy an OMO pack today and make it a memorable day for the woman who has given you her all!

Edited By: Nada Moustafa

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