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Five Authentic Ramadan Du’as Every Muslim Should Know

Monday 06/May/2019 - 01:03 PM
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Edited by Hassnein Tayea
What to say the first time you see the new crescent of Ramadan

Oh Allah، make it a start full of peace and faith، safety and Islam. My lord and your lord is Allah

Commentary: Notice how this supplication paired peace and faith as if they are twins. In fact، in Arabic they sound alike (Amn and Emaan) because one is derived from the other. It also paired peace and Islam (Silm and Islam) because again one is derived from the other. In short، the two most important concepts in our religion (Islam and Eman) are both derived from the words that mean peace in Arabic، Amn and Silm. We ask Allah to make this Ramadan full of peace.

What to say when breaking fast at sunset every day

Thirst is gone، the veins are wet، and the reward is confirmed by the will of God

Commentary: Remember، the time of breaking the fast is one of the times where du’a is likely to be answered. So you can accompany this Prophetic du’a with any other du’a of your making.

What to say if someone tries to revile you while you’re fasting

I’m fasting، I’m fasting

Commentary: Imam Nawawi mentions that this either should be said loud so the aggressor can hear and hopefully stop، or it should be said in silence as a self-reminder. But the first opinion is stronger.

What to say after breaking fast with a group of people

May the fasting people break fast at your place، and may the pious eat from your food، and may the angels pray for you

What to say if you encounter the Night of al-Qadr
Oh Allah you are forgiving، and you love forgiveness، so forgive me

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