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Hero bus driver saves six-year-old from wandering into traffic

Friday 31/May/2019 - 12:32 PM
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Edited by: Yara Sameh
This is the heroic moment a Wisconsin bus driver quite possibly saved the life of a six-year-old boy who was found wandering around in the middle of a cross section as motorists simply passed by، daily mail reported.

A video from Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) shows Cecilia Nation-Gardner spring into action when she notices the small child running back and forth through traffic after escaping from school.

During the May 15 incident while she had paused at a bus stop on 35th and Vliet streets around 3pm، the driver is seen honking her horn as she notices others behind the wheel continue as normal.

Then Nation-Gardner hops out of her bus and dashes into the road herself to prevent anything happening to the youngster who is at risk with vehicles coming from at least four lanes.

'Stay right there! Stop!' she yells. Some of the cars stopped، which caused others to halt.

The mother-of-three، and grandmother-of-three، who affectionately goes by the name Peaches، then took him by the hand and guided him to safety on her bus.

'We're going to call the police، OK? So we can get you home،' she told him.

The driver is then heard calling police about the incident and it appears the child، who has a disability، was at further risk darting around the carriageways as an officer is seen tying his shoelace.

Thankfully the juvenile was safely returned to his family but Nation-Gardner believes a higher power put her at that intersection at the right time two weeks ago.

'I ended up leaving my layover two minutes later than normal،' she explained about her tardiness. 'That's why I say I was in the right place at the right time. It was meant for me to be there. God does everything for a reason.'

She said in a press conference on Wednesday that it was 'scary' and she didn't even know whether she'd put the bus in park when she disembarked.

'If the car hit that child that would've been horrible. I wouldn't have been able to take that،' she continued. 'As an MCTS driver we are prone to seeing things that everybody else doesn't.'

Nation-Gardner explained she was honking the horn not only to get the attention of drivers who started moving when the red light changed، but to alert a woman standing at the bus stop because she thought it may have been the lady's grandchild.

But the woman had no idea what was going on. Nation-Gardener also explained that she had passengers on her bus who sat by idly.

The bus driver admitted she found it difficult to keep up with the boy who was trying to get away from her but even with her limp she was determined to save him. Other motorists looked at her like 'woman get out the street so we can go،' she said.

She said she had difficulty understanding the child when she spoke to him too.

But she's had experience with children as she used to drive a school bus.

The MCTS worker – who had two hours to go until the end of her shift - doesn't consider herself a hero she was just 'doing her job'.

Her colleagues called her courageous but said she was just doing what she does and 'that's the Peaches they know'.

MCTS said it is the 10th lost or missing child found by one of their drivers in recent years.

The boy has not been named.

They told the story as part of their MCTS Excellence program launched in 2017 as a 'unique way to recognize employees for their big and small acts of kindness'.

Wisconsin's 45th Lt Governor Mandela Barnes said about the incident: 'Our transit workers are heroes.'

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