Sada El Balad : Foreign currencies exchange rates at banks on Friday (طباعة)
Foreign currencies exchange rates at banks on Friday
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 21/04/2017 10:01 ص Mohamed Sameh
Foreign currencies
Foreign currencies exchange rates registered Friday various rates for buying and selling against the EGP at the banks, according to the data acquired by 'dmc' TV.

The US dollar registered EGP18.03 for buying and EGP18.13 for selling، Euro reached EGP19.23 for buying and EGP19.32 for selling. 

The Sterling reached EGP23 for buying and EGP23.21 for selling، Swiss Franc reached EGP17.98 for buying and EGP18.10 for selling، meanwhile the Japanese 100 Yen reached EGP16.46 for buying and EGP16.58 for selling.

The Saudi Riyal reached EGP4.8121 for buying and EGP4.8398 for selling، Kuwaiti Dinar reached EGP59.2591 for buying and EGP59.6167 for selling، Emirati Dirham registered EGP4.9127 for buying and EGP4.9421 for selling.