Sada El Balad : Former PM Olmert's advice to Netanyahu 'go home and fast' (طباعة)
Former PM Olmert's advice to Netanyahu 'go home and fast'
آخر تحديث: الأحد 18/03/2018 09:41 م Edited by Ahmed Moamar
Former PM Olmert's
In interview with Ynet، the former prime minister، who served as 16-month prison sentence for corruption، says returning to politics 'is not on the agenda'; says unlike PM Netanyahu، 'I didn't attack anyone as prime minister، my criticism today is done as a private citizen.'
Former prime minister Ehud Olmert stressed on Sunday that he has no plans to return politics after being released from prison last year، where he served 16 months for corruption.
In a special interview with Ynet، Olmert dismissed the question of whether he considered a return to public life، saying "it's not on the agenda."
In a veiled criticism of his successor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu، Olmert claimed that "I've never waged a battle against law enforcement authorities as part of my job، and I never preached about morals. I bore my punishment not with love، but with respect."
The difference between him and Netanyahu، he claimed، was that "I didn't do such a thing as prime minister. As prime minister، I never attacked anyone… I say what I'm saying today as a private citizen، who is not in office."
"The person you're talking about is taking advantage of his status as prime minister to threaten people that he could fire them and that he could disrupt their work. And he's doing that to people he appointed، apparently in some cases while rolling his eyes when talking about the jobs they're expected to have in the future. I did not conduct a public campaign against any of the people who worked against me and investigated me،" Olmert insisted.
His advice to Netanyahu is "Bibi، go home fast and in an elegant manner،" he said، referring to the prime minister by his nickname. "The faster he does that، the more he would be remembered for the good things he has done، and he has done some good things... if he continues in his conduct، these things would be forgotten."