Sada El Balad : LEO friendship (طباعة)
LEO friendship
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LEO friendship
LEO friendship

Unless you’ve actually befriended a Leo، it’s hard to describe exactly the ardent level of loyalty that they possess and are prepared to share with you. Now، mind you، you may not see this as a superficial trait. but believe me، deep down in their heart of hearts، if they’ve selected you as a friend، they will stand by you through thick or thin and be available when and if you need them، even at great Live Psexpense and self-sacrifice to themselves، according to

I commence the description of Leo as a friend in this way mainly to point out the fact that appearances can be deceptive، especially with someone like a Leo when we talk of friendship. Why، you ask? Well، the first impression people usually have of a Leo is one of self-centredness. Of course، Leos do have a tendency to want to show off while relating (i.e. bragging) about their experiences، and one would wonder whether such a person with so strong a level of self-identity has actually ever had any time to put into another person in the mode of friendship. The answer is emphatically، ‘yes’!

The loyalty a Leo exhibits has been idealised throughout history as the central theme of friendship، and fortunately for Leo، they understand this as a primary drive.

If you happen to be a friend of Leo there are times when you may have to grin and bear the many tedious monologues that come your way. Of course، it’s all meant to be for your own good and comes from an honest space of care and love، but patience is something you will need to have copious amounts of if you’re going to hang in there and make Leo your best friend.

One way a Leo shows affection is through pampering the people they consider part of their trusted inner circle. Gifts، kind and loving gestures، praise، and all sorts of other ego-boosting remarks will make you feel hugely special in their eyes. Therefore، getting back to the loyalty aspect، you must never take their generosity for granted. If the ferocity of the king of the jungle is unleashed upon you، you may not survive; but if you do، most likely you will never see your Leo friend again. This is how seriously they take loyalty.

At times you will feel as if you’re the one giving a lot of support to your Leo friend، but actually there’s an underlying dynamic here that indeed reflects the fact that، by helping Leo، you are، in a way، also helping your- self. Throughout this mode of exchange، Leo will always be motivated to respond and reciprocate whatever kind of help and support you’ve offered to them.