Sada El Balad : Watch… The Shiha family hanging out together “When we meet is all about ♥” (طباعة)
Watch… The Shiha family hanging out together “When we meet is all about ♥”
آخر تحديث: الخميس 18/10/2018 11:20 ص Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Hala and Hana Shiha
Hala and Hana Shiha

Egyptian actress، Hala Shiha had once again attracted the public attention to her after returning from Canada، but this time with her appearance in a video with her sisters and father، infamous visual artist، Ahmed Shiha.

Rasha Shiha، her sister، posted a video on her “Instagram” account، which features her، Hala، Maya، and Hana، accompanied by their father.

Rasha captioned the video: “When we meet is all about ♥”

Almost three months ago، Hala Shiha surprised everyone by taking off niqab، and coming out of her retirement and resuming her acting again after 12 years of retirement، which followed taking off her veil.

Later on، she disappeared completely and flew to Canada to be with her husband، Joseph Hirsen، and children.

She confirmed that her decision to return to acting again was very difficult، and came after deep reflection and careful consideration، and in the end، she found that it felt a great psychological comfort with her decision.

Noteworthy، Hala Ahmed Shiha، known as Hala Shiha، is a retired Egyptian actress. She is born on February 23، 1979 in Cairo، Egypt، to an international acclaimed painter Ahmed Shiha، and a Lebanese mother who is also an artist.

She is the eldest out of four daughters، her sister is well-known actress، Hana Shiha.

She is best known for portraying the main roles in The Ladder and The Snake، and Lost in America.

She officially retired from the entertainment industry in the 2005، after she decided to start wearing the hijab. The following year، she made a brief comeback to star in a role with her hijab.

Her decision to start wearing the hijab and retire from the entertainment industry at such a young age and so soon in her career caused controversy.

It sparked a massive debate in Egypt about the veil and the decline of secularism within Egyptian society and among Egyptians.

Hala Shiha is a devout muslim. She shocked the entertainment world when she announced her retirement for the second time in her career، the first time was in 2003، because she decided to "recommit herself to Islam".

Originally، deciding to wear the hijab in 2003 Hala had taken off her Islamic headdress (Hijab) after wearing it for a period of two months amidst objection from family and members of the acting world.

She returned to wearing it in 2005 once she declared she was planning to quit acting.