Sada El Balad : New Year Concerts 2019: Rabeh Sager to perform live in Egypt (طباعة)
New Year Concerts 2019: Rabeh Sager to perform live in Egypt
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Rabeh Sager
Rabeh Sager
Saudi singer، Rabeh Sager will perform on New Year's Eve at Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino، Gezira St.، Cairo governorate، on December 31st. 

He will perform a number of his famous songs including, “Ma Howa Enti Ele”, “Howa Hatha”, and others.

The concert will be held on 09:00 PM (Cairo local time).

Moreover, Sager is scheduled to release his new album on New Year's Eve, which includes seven songs, four Sager composed by himself.

Noteworthy، Rabeh Sager، is an Arabic singer from Saudi Arabia. He was born on November 6، 1961.

Sager made his debut album in 1983 called Breeze of the Night.

Rabeh Saqr had a difficult start as a young man coming from the east coast and just relied on his talent which was not as polished as some of his colleagues in the artistic scene. His first work in 1983 was the album night Aanasim. The album contains 6 of the classical Arabic and achieved Wow.

Issued after Album Sabrin words Abdul Latif Al Bannai، which contained four acts.

After this album he was praised when many artists who the legend late Talal Maddah and artist Arab Mohammed Abdo After Album Sabrin launched Rabah Album love and it contains six works mostly composed by Rabah himself and repeat winner in this album experience singing in classical Arabic in song Iabreq water.

During the mid-'80s Rabah sang a duet with the poet Hattan and this was the beginning of these collaborations in the album and I the night and the cabin and album contains six of them song worsen my condition. In the most important work of the album song cry of pain that many of the most important songs Saqr and also contained a special song on the occasion of the opening of the King Fahd Causeway was entitled Bridge goodness and met with this initiative admiration and appreciation of followers and critics، especially as it raised in an album passionate as the first artist puts national working in an album passionate

Issued after that album arrogant، which was contained at 6 realization Western and Oedjl machines in the distribution of the song and gave Iraqi color first Gulf provided artist and this is the song titled always fun only.

After this album made Rabah new album wound that contained the six works، all composed by Rabah reiterated cooperation in this album with the poet Hattan in a new song wound and was a major turning point in the life of Saqr art song titled (Sri night) and also was the first work Rabah and portray on television shows.

One of the most important albums the Saqr Album type character who was contains seven In this work the album Rabah cooperation with Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen and the late poet super Abdul Jalil.

Oldest winner to put several sessions developer and was the title of the first session Samra 1 and contains six songs، including "A Cry of Pain" and "Arrogant".

He later launched Rabeh meaning missed eclipse Moon and said that was the album bears her name and album contains six songs were mostly composed by Rabah. The album contained a song to speak، which was the beginning of collaborations with the poet Prince Saud bin Abdullah.

After this album was the beginning of the Gulf crisis during which he composed Operetta he performed in which 22 artists and tune many national acts by artists including Nabil Shuail، Abdullah Ruweished and he sang the song Jadar.

After the success of the idea sessions developed in Samra 1 has Rabah subtracting Samra 2، which they contain on 7 songs were all composed by Rabah and cooperation in this debut album with Prince Abdul Rahman bin assistant in the work cuffed was entitled said I love you and repeated cooperation with the poet Hattan in the two works.

After a series of collaborations between the winner and Hattan forward song "Eye of the Sun" in albums selfish who has 8 business cooperations Saqr in with poet Abdul Latif Al Bannai and the second time in the song "áÇÍćá Yadonia". The artist Rabih Saqr singing the Egyptian dialect in the two jobs I was entitled Ervdk and the other was my heart love and Saqer was one of the first artists from the Gulf who have singing in the Egyptian dialect

After that، the launch Samra 3، which was contains 6 songs repeated Rabah cooperation with Prince Khaled Al-Faisal in the song Aanama oblivion and contains the album on the song Aasahabay which was the first work that combines Saqr with poet Badr Melehi who became lieutenant Albums Saqr later.

In 93 years of cooperation Rabah and composer for monthly Album winner 93 who had contains eight songs all composed by Rabah except tune of Professor Saleh Monthly was entitled Batna Brges of words Samer and contains the album on the song you painful that Jani words of poet Hattan.

And then repeated Rabah this cooperation in albums such as the time and that it contains 8 songs including the song "Says" which was one of the words Samer and song such time that was the beginning of collaborations with Prince Saad Al Saud poet.

During the mid-nineties cooperation with a number of artists where Ashraf musically on my album artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qader lip and yesterday، and he also supervises musician on albums Ebadi substance and who was entitled from My punishment، and has supervised the music for the album artist Rabab Osh Drake، and on my album Rashid Majid expensive Habiba and two Gold and supervised conditions musically on the first album by the artist Hanan

And then decided Rabah put his album Rabah 95 where this album contains eight songs and the album was titled empty feelings from the words of Prince Saad Al Saud (crier). The album was Ptozein east and west and was the first Arab artist is making the move in doubt] and four songs on a video clip of them empty feelings and love of God.

He subsequently submitted Rabah Album winner 96 The album contains 10 songs and the album was composed and arranged by Rabah Rabah cooperation with captive longing in the first collaboration bringing them together and work was titled moans and I Ashki also put a song Jadar. After the success of the idea of the eastern and western Altoziein in the previous album Rabah experience and repeated images through this album five songs on a video clip of them original complaining gold.