Sada El Balad : Palestinian artist drawing Mo Salah on beach sands (طباعة)
Palestinian artist drawing Mo Salah on beach sands
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 15/01/2019 02:39 م Mohamed Emad
Palestinian artist

Palestinian Artist، Osama Sebeat drew Liverpool and Egypt soccer star Mohamed Salah on the pitch of Gaza Strip.

The incredible artwork drew the attention of social media users just after few hours of posting it.

Facebook users were very impressed of the drawing.

Sebeat decided to develop his talent and passion for painting since his childhood.

He tried repeatedly to draw on the sand and continued to develop his talent until he began professionalizing in 2012.

Sebeat told Sada El Balad that it took four hours to drawing Mohamed Salah on the beach.

"I do not follow football، but Mohammed Salah is a loved one. As a Palestinian artist who loves Salah I decided to offer him a simple gift of my work،" Sebeat added.

"I use only a small iron shovel with many colors to get the draw،" he narrated the scenes of the image that caused a stir on Facebook.

The Palestinian artist dreams of entering the Guinness Book of Standard Art in the sculpture of sand.