Sada El Balad : Egypt to host Arab-European Summit next Sunday (طباعة)
Egypt to host Arab-European Summit next Sunday
آخر تحديث: الأحد 17/02/2019 08:03 ص edited by: Basant Ahmed
Al Sisi
Al Sisi
The Arab-European Summit is set to kick off in Sharm al-Sheikh on February 24 as More than one country has announced its participation in the two-day summit، which is considered an important step for the development of the relations between the two sides.
President al-Sisi stressed that Arab-European relations are historic while the Arab world is the first partner for Europe، and this requires more dialogue not only in the economic level but also in other respects.
He added that stability and security in the Arab region is affected by stability and security in Europe and vice versa، and therefore the instability in some Arab countries had a significant impact on Europe.
We need more dialogue and coordination to find a platform to address different issues، Al Sisi assured noting:” Sharm el-Sheikh conference is an opportunity and an essential step that will be followed by other steps”.