Sada El Balad : Walid Fawaz joins film “Tasfya Hassab” (طباعة)
Walid Fawaz joins film “Tasfya Hassab”
آخر تحديث: الأحد 17/02/2019 03:15 م Edited by: Yara Sameh
Walid Fawaz
Walid Fawaz

Producer Ayman Abdel Baset has signed with actor، Walid Fawaz to co-star in film “Tasfya Hassab ”، to be the fourth star to officially join. 

The film’s director Ahmed Abdel Basset chose the places of filming location، as it is set for the film to begin shooting next month.

Tasfya Hassab co-starring، Amr Saad، Mahmoud Hemida، Yosra El Lozy، Walid Fawaz، written by Mostafa Hamdy، and directed by Ahmed Abdel Baset.

The film will be produced by “Film of Egypt production” Production Company.

Fawaz’s latest artistic film is “Qarmat Bitamrmat”.

Noteworthy، Walid Fawaz Abdelaziz El Sayed، mostly known as Walid Fawaz is an Egyptian actor.

He was born on December 17، 1980. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts، department of drama and theater criticism. 

He began his career as a stand-up comedian. Of his most notable performances in TV drama include those in: “Qatil Bila Ogr” (Murderer Without Pay) in 2009، “Ahl Cairo” (People of Cairo) in 2010، “Abwab El Khof” (Doors of Fear) in 2011، and “Raqm Maghol” (Unknown Number) in 2012. 

His big break came after performing the role Moatamad of in the TV series “Bidoun Zikr Asmaa” (Anonymously) in 2013، and then in the TV series “El Sabaa Wesaya” (The Seven Commandments) in 2014. 

He also appeared in the films “Zahimer” (Alzheimer’s) in 2010، “El Maslaha” (The Deal) in 2012، and “Ba’d El Tawfan” (After the Flood) in 2012.