Sada El Balad : Map shown by PM shows Israel having ‘potential’ relations with Mali، Niger (طباعة)
Map shown by PM shows Israel having ‘potential’ relations with Mali، Niger
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Israeli PM Benjamin
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel has “potential” diplomatic relations with Mali and Niger — two Muslim countries in Africa — according to map Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed American-Jewish leaders this week، the times of Israel reported.

Israeli officials have long acknowledged their goal to restore formal ties with Mali، though never publicly referred to the status quo of relations in this way.

Niger — which is 99 percent Muslim — has so far not been a main focus of Israeli diplomatic outreach، at least not publicly.

On Monday evening، Netanyahu addressed the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations’ annual Israel mission in a Jerusalem hotel. During his 30-minute speech، he talked participants through a slide show about Israeli achievements in various fields، including diplomacy.

One slide، entitled “Israel is Returning Africa،” showed a map of the continent، dividing its countries into four categories.

Colored in red were “Arab countries” with which Israel does not have any formal relations. Countries where Israel has relations but no embassy were shown in light blue، while states where Israel does have an embassy were presented in dark blue.

Mali and Niger were colored in beige، which according to the map’s legend indicates that Israel has “potential relations” with them.

Somalia and Djibouti، two Muslim-majority states in East Africa، were colored in light blue، implying they have full diplomatic relations with Israel، which they do not.

Both the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office declined to respond to written requests for comment.

But a senior official، speaking on the condition of anonymity، said that coloring Somalia and Djibouti light-blue was obviously a mistake by whoever prepared the map.

"I’ve been in Africa four times in the last two years، that’s gotta tell you something،” Netanyahu said at Monday’s speech to the American-Jewish leaders.

Edited by Rabea Yehia