Sada El Balad : In Pics: Reem El Baroudy catwalks Samo Hagras’s fashion show (طباعة)
In Pics: Reem El Baroudy catwalks Samo Hagras’s fashion show
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 20/02/2019 01:40 م Edited by: Yara Sameh
Reem El Baroudy
Reem El Baroudy

Fashion designer Samo Hagras ’s fashion show، which took place in New Cairo، amid the attendee of celebrities and public figures.

Among the attendee were Shimaa Seif، Hatem Fahmy، Heba El-Sisy، Sherif Madkour، and others.

Egyptian actress، Reem El Baroudy walked the runway in a beige wedding dress، designed by Hagras.

Moreover، El Baroudy is currently filming her scenes in TV series “Queed Aeli".

TV series “Queed Aeli” is produced by Egyptian Arts Group in cooperation with producer Remon Makar، which is expected to be the largest production this year، as more than thirty stars are co-starring in it.

Ked Aeli co-starring Mervat Amin، Ezzat El Alaili، Poussi، Mohamed Reyad، Nedal Al Shafey، Salah Abdallah، Simone، Dina Fouad، Sabry Fawwaz، Arwa Gouda، Menna Fadali، Donia AbdElaziz، Mohamed Nagaty، Reem El Baroudy، Khaled Sarhan، Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz، Mirhan Hussein، Rami Wahid، Amira Hany، Mohamed Ezz، Caroline Azmy، Enaam Salousa، Hala Fakher، Mohanad Hosny، Hoda، Yasmine Niazy، Nabil Eissa، Ahmed El Tohamy، Hesham Al-Meligy، Karim Abd Al-Khalk، Omar el-Shennawi، and others.

The TV series is written by Mohamed Ragaa and Michel Nabil، and will be directed by Tamer Hamza.

The TV series will also present fresh، new faces، as Egyptian Arts Group often does.

“Queed Aeli" consists of 45 episodes and will premiere on March 2nd.

Noteworthy، Reem El Baroudy is an Egyptian actress who was born on October 6، 1978. She graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels but continues to pursue acting.

Reem made her debut when she was 15 years old when she appeared in commercials. 

On the other hand، she made her acting debut in play “Nashnat Ya Naseh” (Aim، Smart Guy)، but she made her breakthrough in television، in TV series “The Hedgehog”.

El Baroudy also appeared in “Hamza We Binato El Khamsa” (Hamza and His Five Daughters)، “Hada’iq El Shaytan” (The Devil’s Gardens)، “Azhar” (Flowers)، “Ahlamak Owamir” (Your Dreams Are Orders)، “Jidar El Qalb” (Wall of the Heart)، “El Rahaya Hagr El Quloub،” “El Bataniyya،” “Mamlaka El Jabl” (Mountain Kingdom)، “Ihna El Talaba” (We’re the Students)، and “ِAbed Karman.” 

She also acted in a number of films، including “Ya Ana Ya Huwa” (Me Or Him)، and “El Fil Fel Mandil” (The Elephant in the Handkerchief).