Sada El Balad : Yousra، Khaled El Sawy to participate in Ramadan with TV series “Bayt El Eyla” (طباعة)
Yousra، Khaled El Sawy to participate in Ramadan with TV series “Bayt El Eyla”
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 22/02/2019 03:22 م Edited by: Yara Sameh
Yousra، Khaled El
Yousra، Khaled El Sawy

Prominent actress، Yousra، will participate in Ramadan 2019 drama marathon with TV series “Bayt El Eyla” (Family Home) co-starring Khaled El Sawy، and other stars.

Yousra is preparing to film her new TV series، which will be written by Medhat El Adl، and directed by Mando El Adl. 

On February 12، Writer and producer Mohamed el-Adl had unveiled some details about Yousra’s role in the TV series.

He revealed in an interview with “The Insider” program broadcasted on Dubai TV that he has signed with Yousra on a TV series for Ramadan 2019.

“She will present a different role from her previous ones.” el-Adl said.

Yousra participated last Ramadan with TV series Hatem’s "Ladina Aqwal Okhra" (We have Further Comments).

Noteworthy، Civene Muhammad Haafez Nasseem، known as Yousra is an Egyptian actress. She was Born in 1955، in Cairo.

Yousra was first discovered by photographer Abdul Haleem Nasr who gave her a role in his debut as filmmaker. 

She played several TV roles like “Arees we aroussa i.e. Groom and bride”، “Al-shaahed al-waheed i.e. The only witness”، “ Hayaat al-Gohary”، “Raafat al-Haggaan”، “Sayyedat al-fondok i.e. The Lady of the hotel”، “Awaan al-ward i.e. A time for flowers”، “Ayna Kalby? i.e. Where is my heart?” and “ Malak rowhy i.e. King of my soul”. “Entadher la taktolny i.e. Wait، don’t kill me” is among her radio series. 

She played stage roles like “Ka’b aaly i.e. High heels” and “Lamma baba yenaam i.e. When daddy sleeps”.

Superstar Yousra is married to Khaaled Seleem، the son of football Legend Saaleh Seleem and the actor Heshaam Seleem’s brother. 

Yousra represents a special blend of acting and stardom mixed survival and freshness، she formed a very successful duet with Aadel Emaam and played several roles with Ahmad Zaky.

Yousra has a unique artistic talent which flourished in Chahine’s “Eskendereyya kamaan we kamaan i.e. Alexandria again and forever”، “Al-mohaager i.e. The immigrant” and “Eskendereyya New York i.e. Alexandria New York”. 

Among her most famous cinema roles; “Al-‘assefa i.e. The tempest”، “Al-gou’ i.e. Hunger”، “Al-mansy i.e. The forgotten” and “Toyour al-zalaam i.e. The birds of darkness”.

Yousra frequently acts with Adel Imam، and shined thorough her roles in “Al-irhab wal kabab”، “Ala Bab El Wazir”، and “Al-avokato”.

Yousra has presented during her career a large number of artistic works in Egyptian cinema and television drama، and was also appointed a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

News circulated on August 30 about the Red Sea governorate naming a street on the Red Sea coast in El Gouna، Hurghada، after the blegendary to honor her for her outstanding career.