Sada El Balad : Start-Up Creates Smart Lighter To Help People Stop Smoking (طباعة)
Start-Up Creates Smart Lighter To Help People Stop Smoking
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 19/03/2019 09:03 م Technical Times
Lighter helps smoker
Lighter helps smoker give up smoking
Slighter، a Lebanese start-up، wants to encourage the public to kick the habit of smoking with a smart lighter that creates a personalized cessation plan.

During the first week، the smart lighter tracks the user's smoking habit، recording when and how frequently they used the device to light a cigarette. The smart lighter then uploads the data into a companion app that creates a personalized plan to help the user reduce and eventually stop smoking.

A Smart Device For Smokers
Slighter works by following the method known as Nicotine Fading، a smoking reduction technique that gradually reduces the number of cigarettes a smoker uses daily to condition the mind and body to become less reliant on nicotine.

The device creates and follows a schedule. A screen on the smart lighter displays a countdown to let the user know when they can smoke again. The device also disables the flame، preventing the user to smoke outside of the allotted time.

There is still a cheat button that allows the user to light a cigarette، but the device will remember and log it into the app. When it is time to smoke، the device will send the user a notification that will come as a haptic vibration، a sound، or the screen will light up.

"That's the science of behaviorism، which says that you can teach anything by a carefully designed program of step-by-step reinforcement،" stated founder Samer El Gharib. "Whenever they become conditioned، the algorithm will discover that and we start removing notifications from their program."

According to the start-up، Beta testing showed that using the device resulted in a 40 percent reduction over a three-month period. Users reported experiencing fewer or no symptoms of withdrawal.

The technology seems promising، but it has one setback: it cannot help curb the habit of vaping. E-cigarettes do not require a lighter.