Sada El Balad : ARIES friendship (طباعة)
ARIES friendship
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ARIES friendship
ARIES friendship

You are one of the most loyal friends a person could hope to have. Even though people often accuse you of being self-centred sometimes and neglectful of your family and friends، when it comes to the crunch you do indeed put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate your loyalty to those who need you، according to You may have an unusual way of doing showing this which is part of your independent nature but your loyalty will never be questioned if only others didn’t judge you too soon or too superficially.

You are extremely active in your social life and passionate about all your social engagements. You like to get involved socially and inject a great deal of energy not just as a participant but as an initiator at functions، parties and other get-togethers of family and friends. Friends often ask you where you get your vitality from.

It’s an inbuilt thing with you – probably genetic. One thing is to sure however، you had that sort of humour and vitality that is infectious and those around you can’t help but feel uplifted by your presence.

A friendship with Aries is warm and on the level. You expect absolute loyalty in friendship and in return extend a loving and strong hand. But people should never expect you to turn a blind eye when you realise they have done something wrong. It doesn’t work like that with you. You need to tell them exactly how they feel and sometimes the words that come out of your mouth may not be all that pleasant or what your peers want to hear. But rest assured that your concern comes from a space of love and respect. By the same token you would expect your friends to reciprocate the same honesty، wouldn’t you Aries?

Arians sometimes like to look for diverse kinds of friends and you just as well as anyone that is the spice of life. Boredom is one of the characteristics you can’t tolerate either in your own life or in another person’s character. Apathy، laziness either physically or emotionally creates rifts between you and those you may even have known for years. They must lift their ball game if they are going to maintain a relationship with you. In order to grab hold of your attention، people should be exciting and surprising on a regular basis. Adventurous people attract you.

You have a tendency to easily get upset. This is one personality trait you should work on to improve the quality of your relationships. If you learn to curb your impatience، arrogance and need to dominate others، your friendships will prosper and life will be much happier.