Sada El Balad : We support al-Sisi’s policies: Egyptian community in US (طباعة)
We support al-Sisi’s policies: Egyptian community in US
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 09/04/2019 09:55 ص Edited By: Nada Moustafa
Egyptian Community
Egyptian Community in US
Egyptian Community in The US expressed happiness at Egypt’s President، Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi visit to Washington. 

In statement to “Middle East News agency” (MENA)، Head of the Egyptian American Foundation for Business Administration، Nasser Saber said that a number of trips have been organized to Washington for the Egyptian expats to welcome and show their support for president Al-Sisi upon his arrival. 

He also confirmed that The Egyptian abroad are keen to play their role in supporting their country’s economy in the light of the ongoing major projects under the wise leadership of President al-Sisi. 

For his part، Dr. Osama El-Sayyed، and Egyptian Doctor lives in New Jersey، said that he has come to Washington to welcome al-Sisi، and to show his support for his policies، and the constitutional amendments which serves the interest of the country and its stability.

On the other hand، Tomy Maged، Egyptian businessman lives in Pennsylvania، said that the Egyptian expats are united as one man in supporting President Al-Sisi، his policies and major projects، noting that he is always to keen to play any role that serving Egypt’s future، its economy and citizens. 

Noteworthy، Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi arrived in Washington DC on Monday for the second time since he assumed office in 2014، and is set to meet US president Donald Trump today, Tuesday.

Al-Sisi will meet Trump to discuss bilateral and regional issues، including the situation in Syria، Libya and Yemen، as well as counterterrorism efforts.

This will be El-Sisi's sixth meeting with Trump، which comes at the invitation of the US president.

A group of Egyptians living in the United States organised a rally in front of the US Capitol on Monday to welcome the Egyptian president.

El-Sisi left Cairo on Sunday on a tour that started with Guinea، the Ivory Coast، and Senegal، before heading to the US.