Sada El Balad : Mohamed El Sharnouby absolutely kills it at Cairo Festival City concert (طباعة)
Mohamed El Sharnouby absolutely kills it at Cairo Festival City concert
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 19/04/2019 10:59 ص Yara Sameh
Mohamed El Sharnouby
Mohamed El Sharnouby

Multi-talented star، Mohamed El Sharnouby performed Thursday evening at Cairo Festival City's new open Air Theater، in New Cairo، amid a large crowd.

The multi-talented star performed a number of songs from his debut album “Zay El Fesoul El Arbaa”، which were produced by Earth Production.

This was the star's first concert to perform after the release of his debut album، which consists of 10 songs.

El Sharnouby’s latest work is 2018's TV series “Abo Omar El Masry”، and “Ledina aqwal okra”.

Noteworthy، Mohamed El Sharnouby is an Egyptian actor and singer. He was born on January 4، 1995.

He acted in several TV series. He made his television debut in 2008’s TV series “Wakalat Attieh”.

Meanwhile، he made his first film appearance the following year in film “Al saffah” but he has focused more on television drama ever since.

He is also known for his roles in 2017 TV series “La Tottfea AL shms”، in 2016 TV series “Afrah Al Koba”، in 2015 TV series “Al Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah)”، in 2015 TV series “El Boyoot Asrar”، and in 2010 TV series “Qisat Hob”.

Sharnouby released his first single on October 2018 after signing up with Earth Production for music Production and Artist Management، according to his official YouTube channel.

El Nafseya is considered his first very own hit which went viral across the region.

His videos and songs are watched and listened over 100M times on social media and mobile apps.

Apple Music has chosen El Sharnouby as one of the world's best music makers in 2018.