Sada El Balad : Ahmed El Fishawy, his wife attend play "King Lear"… 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson wishes daughter a happy first birthday (طباعة)
Ahmed El Fishawy, his wife attend play "King Lear"… 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson wishes daughter a happy first birthday
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Ahmed El Fishawy
Ahmed El Fishawy and his wife

Nancy Ajram stuns in her latest Instagram photos

Lebanese adored superstar، Nancy Ajram posted her latest photos of herself via her “Instagram” account.

Nancy looked stunning in a casual look، with a simple make-up and hair-style، which gained the admiration of her fans across the social network.
Ahmed Dawood shares a new photo from the behind-the-scenes of film “Welad Rizk 2”

Egyptian actor, Ahmed Dawood posted a new photo on his official “Instagram” account from the behind-the-scenes of his new film “Welad Rizk 2” (Sons of Rizk 2), which will be premiered in the summer.

“Welad Rizk 2” film director، Tarek Al Eryan revealed on his official “Instagram” account the film’s release date.

He posted a picture with the film’s cast, and captioned، “#Welad_Rizk 2 #return_of_earth’s _lions # #Summer 2019”

The picture featured actors Ahmed Dawood, Ahmed El Fishawy, Ahmed Ezz، Amr Youssef, and Karim Kassem.

Welad Rizk 2 co-starring Ahmed Ezz، Amr Youssef، Ahmed El Fishawy، Ahmed Dawood، Mohamed Mamdouh، Khaled El Sawy، Karim Kassem، Nesreen Amin، and others.

The film is written by Salah El Gehiny and directed by Tarek Al Eryan.

This comes after the great success the film’s predecessor had achieved، which premiered in 2015.
Kathem Al Saher to perform live in Jordon starting August 8

Iraqi superstar، Kathem Al-Saher will perform two concerts live at Exhibition Land in 
Amman, Jordan on August (8-9). 

Kathem took to his official “Instagram” account to post the concert's poster، promoting for his upcoming concert.
Ahmed El Fishawy, his wife attend play "King Lear" 

Son of prominent actor, Farouk Al-Feshawi, actor, Ahmed El Fishawy and his wife Nada Al-Kamil were keen to show support to the prominent actor by attending his new play "King Lear".

Ahmed had posted a number of photos from the visit and captioned: “About to watch #KingLear”.

King Lear co-stars a large number of stars including Yehia El Fakharany، Farouk Al-Feshawi، Rania Farid Shawki، Riham Abdel Ghafour، Mohamed Farag، Tharaa Goubail، Ahmed Fouad Selim، and Nasser Seif.
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About to watch #KingLear 🍿 #Theatre #Fishawy

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Samira Said to appear on “Carpool Karaoke Arabia”

Moroccan superstar, Samira Said will appear on program “Carpool Karaoke Arabia”، on April 21.

The star took to her official “Instagram” account to promote for the episode.

She posted the episode promo and captioned: “Special Episode from @carpoolkaraokear this Sunday ❤ #CarpoolKaraokeAr #CarpoolKaraoke @dubaitv @mformedia”.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wishes daughter a happy first birthday

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has taken to Instagram on Thursday to wish his daughter Tia Gianna a happy first birthday. 

The actor, 46, and ex professional wrestler shared a photo of himself sitting in bed with his beloved little girl as he showed off his variety of chest inkings. 

He wrote: 'Happy 1st Birthday to our strong lil’ beauty, Tia Gianna. Get used to daddy’s hands kid ~ they’ll always have your back. #puamana.' 

Dwayne regularly likes to share pictures of his children on social media, showing the close bond he has with his little ones.