Sada El Balad : Foreign currencies exchange rates and gold prices (طباعة)
Foreign currencies exchange rates and gold prices
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 19/04/2019 02:06 م Yara Sameh
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Foreign currencies exchange rates have stabilized on Friday in buying and selling against the EGP at the banks.

The US dollar registered EGP 17.25 for buying and EGP 17.38 for selling،Euro reached EGP 19.51 for buying and EGP 19.65 for selling، and the Sterling reached EGP 22.58 for buying and EGP 22.75 for selling.

The Swiss Franc reached EGP 17.14 for buying and EGP 17.27 for selling، and the Japanese 100 Yen reached EGP 15.41 for buying and EGP 15.52 for selling.

-Gold prices-

The 21 carat is sold for 622 pounds per gram. The 24 carat is sold for 710 pounds per gram، and the 18 carat scored 533 pounds.

A pound of gold reached 4976.

“DMC” TV channel broadcasted a video featuring the prices.