Sada El Balad : Ramez Galal’s new prank show first poster, title revealed (طباعة)
Ramez Galal’s new prank show first poster, title revealed
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 19/04/2019 03:05 م Yara Sameh
Ramez Galal
Ramez Galal

The first poster، title for Egyptian actor and prankster، Ramez Galal's new prank show has finally been revealed!

The production company for Ramez Galal's prank show started promoting for the show by putting the show’s official poster on billboards all over the streets of Cairo، which will premiere during the holy month of Ramadan.

The prank show’s poster unveiled the show's title to be "Ramez in the Waterfall" and not "Ramez out of service"، as was previously reported.

The poster also debuted Galal's new look, which showed his new blond hair, after he ditched his brunette hair, a going for a lima blond hair color.

The poster also showed the actor and prankster holding a Ramadan lantern and surrounded by a gorilla، elephant and the waterfall while holding binoculars.

The guests of Ramez in the Waterfall will be Shahira، Rania Youssef، Ali Rabee، Mostafa Khater، Medhat Shalaby، Donia Samir Ghanem، Luis Fonsi، Suhair Ramzi، and Emad Moteab.

The prank will take place in Indonesia.

Ramez’s prank shows always annually ranked number one in viewership ratings in the month of Ramadan.

Noteworthy، Ramez Muhammad Tawfeek Galal is the son of the great director Tawfeek Galal and the brother of actor Yasser Galal.

He went to school at Kasr al-Tefl primary school، Orman preparatory school and Giza secondary school، and joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts to fulfill his great passion of acting، a passion that was developed through accompanying his father during rehearsals.

Among his class graduates were Ahmad al-Sakka، Ahmad Helmy، Muhammad Saad، Magdy Kamel، Manal Afeefy، Manaal Salaama and Ayman Azab.

During his study، he acted in “Goaz we Loaz" ( Nuts and Almonds) and other TV productions.

After a period of absence، Ramez returned with “Hayaat al-Gohary”، a TV series starring Youssra and Moustafa Fahmy، which brought him fame.

On stage Ramez participated in one play: “Feema yabdou saraou Abdou” (It seems they stole Abdou). For children، Raamez presented “Al-shabaka al-mas-houra” (The magic net).

Although for his first film he played a small role in Magdy el Hawwaary’s “55 Esaaf” (Ambulance 55)، yet he was able to catch the eyes of the audience.

Then came the films “Meedo maashakel” (Meedo troublemaker)، “Al Baasha Telmeez” (His Excellency the student) and “Hobbak Naar” (Love burns) that paved his way to becoming a star.

Among his acting career، he hosted several pranking shows aimed at stars and other celebrities، under the slogan of “I love my friends.”