Sada El Balad : Egyptians in Greece vote on constitutional amendments referendum (طباعة)
Egyptians in Greece vote on constitutional amendments referendum
آخر تحديث: الأحد 21/04/2019 09:16 ص Basant Ahmed
Egyptian expatriates
Egyptian expatriates
Egyptian expatriates on Sunday flock for the third day to the Egyptian embassy in Greece to vote on the referendum on constitutional amendments.
Egyptian expatriates began on Friday voting on constitutional amendments referendum which takes place from 19-21 April.
The Egyptian National Election Authority (NEA) announced on Wednesday that the constitutional amendments referendum will be held from 20-22 April inside Egypt.
The Administrative Prosecutors Club (APC)، headed by Chancellor، Abdallah Kandil decided to form an operation room to follow-up the judicial supervision of the upcoming constitutional amendments referendum.
APC spokesman، Chancellor، Ahmed Galal confirmed that the operation room will provide all means needed to create a suitable atmosphere for the administrative prosecutors to perform their national duty to the fullest، noting that the operation room will serve as a link between the members of the administrative prosecution، the National Elections Authority (NEA) and the concerned parties.
A total number of 531 Parliamentarians approved، Tuesday a draft report of a number of constitutional amendments presented earlier by its legislative committee. Only 22 parliament members refused the amendments while one member abstained from voting.