Sada El Balad : A pilotless plane could be flying you to your holiday destination in future (طباعة)
A pilotless plane could be flying you to your holiday destination in future
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TRAVELLERS could be jetting off to exotic destinations on a pilotless plane in the future، the sun reported.

Designers are developing a new concept that could fly completely unmanned by using autopilot.

Pilotless travel has been proposed before، with Boeing previously suggesting that self-flying planes are possible thanks to drone technology.

Now، travel booking company has announced investment into Zuri، a pilotless plane that could carry up to four passengers.

The company said that it would be looking to producing a functional prototype of the plane with the initial investment.

It would have a wing span of roughly 11m (36 feet) and would weigh 900kg (141 stone).

The plane would use a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) technology، similar to drones، and be powered using eight electromotors.

It will be able to travel on a pre-programmed route up to 700km (434 miles) - the equivalent of London to Germany.

The Zuri website suggests that the plane would be ideal for travelling between islands، as you won't need to worry about changing from commercial flights to boats، taxis or car rides.

And as it can land vertically، you won't need as much space as a regular plane، meaning you could land in more places.’s CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Dlouhý said: "Intertwined with the global transportation network، it will bring completely new options for travelling by adding thousands of smaller cities into the airports’ catchment areas by extending these by the radius of up to 700 kilometres."

While pilot-less planes could save millions of pounds in the future، passengers are still reluctant - a poll by UBS found that out of 8،000 people asked، 54 per cent would be unlikely to use a flight without a pilot.

Flights with no pilots or even just one pilot are not yet allowed due to EU law، which says that there needs to be at least two pilots in a cockpit at all times.

The use of drones however is becoming popular with brands.

Google recently used a drone in Australia to deliver food as part of a new takeaway delivery service، and the company recently received FAA clearance for their drone technology.

Edited by: Yara Sameh