Sada El Balad : New 2019 Vauxhall Corsa: Official testing images revealed (طباعة)
New 2019 Vauxhall Corsa: Official testing images revealed
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New 2019 Vauxhall
New images released by Vauxhall show the upcoming fifth-gen Corsa supermini carrying out extreme weather and performance testing، as the Car News said.

Camouflaged prototypes are shown being subjected to temperatures of -30 deg celsius in Sweden، carrying out chassis tuning at a test circuit and being analysed by electrical engineers in a laboratory.

The new images come as the Luton-based company wraps up development on its reborn Ford Fiesta rival، with sales set to begin in the coming months.
Vauxhall recently confirmed that the fifth-generation Corsa weighs up to 108kg less than the outgoing model.

According to the manufacturer، depending on specification، the new supermini can weigh as little as 980kg - roughly 130kg less than the lightest Ford Fiesta.

The weight loss comes courtesy of new high-strength steel bodywork، lightweight interior insulation materials and a range of all-aluminium powertrains.
All-new Vauxhall Corsa raises its game with the end result being a classy supermini that’s decent to drive، but still short of the benchmark set by the Ford Fiesta

Like the range-topping variant of the current Insignia، the new Corsa will feature an aluminium bonnet weighing 2.4kg less than the steel unit fitted to the current model، as shown in a breakdown of weight savings published by the manufacturer (below).
Edited by Ahmed Moamar