Sada El Balad : Tesla Model 3 on sale in the UK from £38،900 (طباعة)
Tesla Model 3 on sale in the UK from £38،900
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Tesla Model 3 on

The company's most mainstream EV to date will see right-hand-drive deliveries from June، with customers who reserved a build slot first in line to receive their cars، as the Car News said.

Prices start from £38،900 for the entry-level Standard Range Plus model، which has a WLTP-estimated range of 258 miles. The dual-motor Long Range model starts from £47،900 and can reach 348 miles on a single charge، meaning it takes the lead in Europe as the EV with the longest official range.

Both models come with aerodynamically optimised 18in alloy wheels as standard، with 19in alloys available as an option. Prices include the UK government plug-in car grant.

The top-end Performance version، which has a 162mph top speed and can manage 0-62mph in 3.2sec، starts at £56،900. It rides on 20in alloy wheels and includes a Premium interior package، which includes satellite-view navigation with live traffic، a premium 14-speaker audio system and in-car music and media streaming.

Tesla's 'full self-driving' autonomous functionality، which is due to roll out later this year، can be added for an additional £4900. The system can be installed post-purchase for £6800.
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