Sada El Balad : Audi renews hydrogen powertrain development scheme (طباعة)
Audi renews hydrogen powertrain development scheme
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Audi renews hydrogen

Audi is set to intensify its development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, according to a public announcement by chairman Bram Schot, according to the Car News. 

The reasons behind the move include concerns over the sourcing of natural resources for battery production and doubts over electric cars being able to deliver on ever-more-demanding customer expectations. 

As a result, the German car maker will re-establish its h-tron programme in a move planned to make it the centre of competence for hydrogen fuel cell technology within the Volkswagen Group. 

“We really want to speed it up,” Schot said. “We are going to put more priority into hydrogen fuel cells – more money, more capacity of people and more confidence.” 

Schot confirmed a new sixth-generation hydrogen fuel cell prototype will be revealed later this year. He added that a limited-volume pilot production Audi FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) model could be offered to customers as part of a lease programme by 2021. It is expected to be produced on a dedicated line at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant in Germany – a site that presently produces the A6A7 and A8
Edited by Ahmed Moamar