Sada El Balad : Actress Yasmine Sabri to complete filming TV series “Hekaity” today (طباعة)
Actress Yasmine Sabri to complete filming TV series “Hekaity” today
آخر تحديث: الخميس 16/05/2019 12:39 م Yara Sameh
Yasmine Sabri
Yasmine Sabri

Actress، Yasmine Sabri is set to complete today، Thursday filming her TV series “Hekaity” (My story)، which is currently premiering in Ramadan.

On the other hand، the series director، Ahmed Samir Farag is working on montage and sound editing the last episodes of the series to be delivered to the producing side، Synergy Production Company.

Hekaity co-starring actor، Ahmed Hatem، Wafaa Amer، Ahmed Bedier، Edward، Ahmed Salah Hosny، and others.

The TV series is written by Mohamed Abdel Moaty.

Yasmin plays the role of a girl who suffers from a nervous shock in her childhood after witnessing her father death; she gets into problems with her mother’s family side.

Sabri’s latest artistic work is film “El- Dezel”.

El- Dezel co-starring، Mohamed Ramadan، Fathy Abdel Wahab، Shaimaa Saif، Mohammed Tharwat، Sahar Al-Sayegh، Hana Shiha، Tamer Hagras، Yasmine Sabri، Arafa Abdel Rasoul، Salwa Othman، Badreya Toulba، Mostafa Gaafar، and others.

The film is written by Amin Gamal، Mahmoud Hemdan، and is directed by Karim El Sobky.

This is Sabri’s and Ramadan's second cooperation after 2016’s Ramadan series “Al Ostoura”، which achieved a huge success.

Noteworthy، Yasmine Sabri is a young Egyptian actress who began her acting career in 2013 when she appeared in the religious program “Khatawat El Shaytan” (The Devil’s Steps) with the young preacher Moez Masoud.

Afterwards، she joined the cast of the TV series “Gabel El Helal” (El Helal Mountain) with actor Mahmoud Abdelaziz in 2014.

Yasmine Sabri is known for her roles in film “Gahim Fel Hend” (2016)، “El-Astora” (2016) and “Tariqi” (2015)، “Gabel El Helal” (2014)، and others.