Sada El Balad : Nesma Mahgoub to perform live at Cairo Opera House on May 24th (طباعة)
Nesma Mahgoub to perform live at Cairo Opera House on May 24th
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Nesma Mahgoub
Nesma Mahgoub

Star Academy Arab World Season 8 winner، Nesma Mahgoub will perform live at Cairo Opera House’s open-air theater، in Zamalek، on May 24th.

The concert comes as part of Cairo Opera House's series of special Ramadan concerts، and held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture، Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem and Head of the Egyptian Opera House، Magdy Saber.

The concert will begin at 09:30 PM (Cairo local time).

Noteworthy، Nesma Alaa Ali Mahgoub، born on September 26، 1989، is an Egyptian singer. She is the winner of the Star Academy Arab World، the 8th season.

Mahgoub is the second Egyptian to win in the show، after Mohamed Atieh، the second female contestant to win، after Shada Hassoun، and the second candidate to win in the Arab show by singing mostly the western genre، after Nader Guirat.

Nesma was never a nominee. In the reality-TV part of the season، the production maintained for her a low profile، not only that but her acting ability is modest، and she could not take part in the scenes that come along in this type of show، but also، the production took care to make her character come across as positive.

Before participating in Star Academy، Nesma was studying Journalism، Mass Communication، Theater، and Music at the American University in Cairo.

Her mother taught her music and reading notes. She has her own band named Origin.

In February 2017، Nesma is a piano player، she started teaching a course in her Alma Mater called Performance for Singers. In this class، she aids singers in enhancing their performance skills.

In 2013، Nesma voiced Elsa in the Arabic dub of Disney's Frozen، performing "Atliqi Sirraki"، the Arabic version of "Let It Go".

In 2018, Mahgoub got married to Egyptian Music composer، arranger and sound engineer، Shady El-Halawany, on August 26.