Sada El Balad : Gemini friendship (طباعة)
Gemini friendship
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Gemini friendship
Gemini friendship

You don’t like to get too close to people quickly. You actually pride yourself on the fact that you can count the number of truly close friends on one hand. You are a good friend and enjoy meeting new people but not simply for the sake of it. You shun superficiality and egotism of any sort. Perhaps for this reason you do attract only genuine people who will return your trust and loyalty، according to

Once you make a friend، you like to hang onto that person، and to develop trust and a depth of connection with them over a period of time. You’re certainly not a type of person who will spill the beans on the first date or the first meeting، but prefer to savor tidbits of information، putting the jigsaw of who that person is over time. In this manner، you can slowly digest the many different facets of a friend’s personality، history and connections with you.

You love to entertain، wine and dine، and therefore friendship for you is a social occasion which usually has as much to do with the lunch or dinner and good wine as it does about the person themselves. You find this to be a bridge between your mind and theirs. You love to enjoy different foods from various cultures and places، and discovering new restaurants is also something that brings you closer to a friend if that is also a pastime of theirs.

You probably have a birthday book، Gemini، and will chuckle while I’m saying this، but I know you’re not the type to forget a special date، a birth date or event and people who consider you a friend really appreciate this about you. Not only that but when it comes to purchasing a gift for someone you love، you spend a lot of time considering what it is that would make them feel happy in receipt of that gift. Often I’ve seen Taureans even go to the trouble of making something very unique and personalised as they have great handicraft skills.

You’re extremely dependable and friends look to you for guidance and stability. Even in times of your own trouble you seem to be rather anchored، stable and earthy in your approach and don’t seem to be swayed by the passing trends and fads of life. This makes you an excellent advisor to others in times of need which goes hand in glove with being a good friend. When people need your advice، you are there to give them a practical assessment of the situation without any embellishment or bias on your part.