Sada El Balad : Amr Diab is my biggest supporter: Dina al-Sherbeni (طباعة)
Amr Diab is my biggest supporter: Dina al-Sherbeni
آخر تحديث: الإثنين 10/06/2019 09:19 ص Translated By: Nada Moustafa
Amr & Dina
Amr & Dina
Egyptian actress، Dina al-Sherbeni said that Superstar، Amr Diab is her biggest supporter either at the personal level or the professional one.

“He is very happy with the success of my soap opera ‘Zy al shams’”، Dina added in an interview with anchor، Amr Adib، aired on MBC Misr TV Channel.

“He stands by my side، thank you “، Dina continued.

Actress، Dina al-Sherbeny، whose killing performance stunned everyone in her soap opera “Zy al-Shams”، tops twitter trending During Ramadan Marathon.

Zai El-Shams follows the story of a family trying to find their missing daughter، played by Riham Abdel Ghafour.

“Zi El Shams” is co-starring Dina el-Sherbiny، Ahmed Dawood، Riham Abdel Ghafour، Ahmed el-Saadany، among others. The series is written by Mariam Naoom and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

“Zy Al-Shams” was exclusively premiered on MBC Masr TV Channel.