Sada El Balad : The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur Is New from the Ground Up and Way More Luxurious (طباعة)
The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur Is New from the Ground Up and Way More Luxurious
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 11/06/2019 09:10 م Edited by Ahmed Moamar
The 2020 Bentley
While most of the auto industry regards a model reaching its seventh anniversary as being ancient، the lifecycles of luxury sedans are on more leisurely timescales، as the Car News said.
The Bentley Flying Spur was launched in 2005، predating the iPhone and even most social media platforms. There was a heavy facelift in 2013 that overhauled the bodywork and the interior، but the Spur's core structure remained unchanged، as did much of its electrical architecture. By our reckoning، that meant it made it to an impressive 98 in dog years. So it seems highly likely that this all-new version، which we're seeing here for the first time، will still be with us in the 2030s.

As with the original car، the Flying Spur is effectively a sedan sister to the Continental GT coupe and convertible، sharing core mechanicals and sitting on the same Volkswagen Group–developed MSB platform. Exterior dimensions are barely changed: At 212.8 inches long it is 0.2-inch longer than the previous car، the 58.6-inch height is identical، and the 77.3-inch overall width has actually lessened by half an inch. The most important difference is with the wheelbase. At 125.8 inches، it's 5.1 inches longer than the outgoing Spur، and Bentley says the room is being put to better use in the cabin.