Sada El Balad : 'Twin Sphinx' May Be Hidden in Egyptian Sands، New Theory Hints (طباعة)
'Twin Sphinx' May Be Hidden in Egyptian Sands، New Theory Hints
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 12/06/2019 02:02 م Edited By: Nada Moustafa
 the Great Sphinx
the Great Sphinx of Giza
The proponents of the “second Sphinx” theory note that during some periods of time the monument was covered in sand and not seen at all، and that certain artefacts actually depict two sphinxes instead of just one، Sputnik News agency reported.

While historians ponder on what mysteries might be concealed beneath the iconic ancient Egyptian monument known as the Great Sphinx of Giza، a new conspiracy theory postulates that there might be another Sphinx lying beneath the sand on the Giza Plateau.

Exploring this hypothesis in a new video posted on YouTube Channel "Ancient Aliens"، famous TV personality and ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos pointed out that "there were long periods of time where the Sphinx was not seen، it was completely covered in sand".

His musing was echoed by Egyptologist Ramy Romany who remarked that "everything in ancient Egyptian art is very symmetrical، there’s two of everything"، while Robert Schoch، associate professor of Natural studies at Boston University، noted that the stele located between the paws of the Sphinx shows not one but two sphinxes.

Earlier this year، historian Matt Sibson suggested that there may be a hidden doorwayunder the Sphinx، which leads to some sort of mysterious cavity hidden beneath the monument.