Sada El Balad : Arab federations honors Abul Enein (طباعة)
Arab federations honors Abul Enein
آخر تحديث: الخميس 13/06/2019 09:05 ص Translated by: Nada Moustafa
Arab federations
Arab federations honors Abul Enein
Specialized Arab federations honored on Wednesday، Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Council of Arab Economic Unity، Mohamed Abou El-Enein، during a celebration to mark its 50th anniversary، under the title of “Jerusalem، the Capital of Palestine”.

During the inaugural session، Abul Enein said that Jerusalem is our main cause، that will always exist in our hearts، no matter how the Zionist entity and its allies tried to impose a fait accompli.

They will not be able to erase a fact that is clear enough to be affected by any false declaration or attempts.

Abul Enein continued: "I am happy today to attend this meeting amid a group of national officials، ambassadors and businessmen from all Arab countries، who are keen to uphold the interest of their Arab nation and strive for progress and prosperity of its peoples.

I also welcome you in your second homeland، Egypt، that was and will be always supportive for the issues of the Arab nation، notable of which is to defend the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s right in establishing a Palestinian state in the face of brutal Zionist occupation.

Abul Enein stressed that he talked about the Palestinian cause inside the United Nations and the European Parliament premises and in hundreds of international forums، both political and economic، to address the suffering experienced by the Palestinian people and unveil the lies of the Israeli media.