Sada El Balad : Climate crisis: aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes (طباعة)
Climate crisis: aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes
آخر تحديث: السبت 15/06/2019 07:45 م Edited by Ahmed Moamar
Climate crisis: aviation

Faced with growing calls for action on the climate crisis، aerospace companies gathering for the Paris air show next week are turning their thoughts to a future run on electricity rather than fossil fuels، as the Guardian said.
The scale of the challenge is considerable. The target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050، recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and embraced by the UK this week، coincides with the expectation that the number of flights will double in the next 20 years.

Aviation accounts for about 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions. But that share is expected to rise as demand grows in poorer countries to match developed nations such as the UK، where flying contributed 7% to overall greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

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The aviation industry has been an emissions laggard compared with the car industry or power generation، but improvements in the power-to-weight ratio of batteries mean some forms of sustainable aviation for shorter trips may finally be coming into view.