Sada El Balad : Plane prepped for becoming feature at water park in Bahrain (طباعة)
Plane prepped for becoming feature at water park in Bahrain
آخر تحديث: الأحد 16/06/2019 09:44 ص Edited By: Yara Sameh
Mesmerising footage
Mesmerising footage has surfaced of a Boeing 747

Mesmerising footage has surfaced of a Boeing 747 being tugged across the sea off the coast of Bahrain as preparations for the world's biggest underwater theme park get underway، daily mail reported.

The plane will be sunk to a depth of 20 metres (65.6 feet) so it can be used as a dive site within the park، which is set to span at least 100،000 square metres (over one million square feet).

Video and photos posted on social media show various parts of the large aircraft being removed، including the wings and the tyres، before it is winched into the water and floated into position with the use of buoyancy aids.

In addition to the decommissioned plane، the diving attraction will also feature a replica of a traditional pearl merchant's house، artificial coral reefs and colourful sculptures.

Work on the dive site is part of a collaboration between the Bahrain government، the private sector، dive companies and clubs. Dive Bahrain has been sharing progress updates via its social media channels.

The underwater park is set to open to the public by the summer، the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority announced.

The archipelago's tourism agency emphasises that the project is eco-friendly.

It has stressed that the park's features will all be made from green materials، providing a safe haven for coral reef growth and habitat for marine life.

The project is to incorporate 12-metre (39ft) wind towers planted on the seabed، which it is hoped will promote the development of coral nurseries.

Bahrain's traditional corals have suffered from extensive damage and bleaching in recent decades.

The incorporation of a replica pearl merchant's house is a nod to the kingdom's huge oyster population and its pearl diving history.

This legacy is also reflected in the theme park's site - it is to be developed next to one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Bahrain - The Pearl Trail.

Meanwhile، the 70-metre-long (230ft) decommissioned plane was specially prepared prior to its descent to the bottom of the ocean to guard against corrosion.