Sada El Balad : Latifa releases “Shaghelny” (طباعة)
Latifa releases “Shaghelny”
آخر تحديث: السبت 22/06/2019 09:54 ص Translated & Edited By: Yara Sameh

Multi-talented star، Latifa her new music video “Shaghelny” on her official "YouTube" channel.

Shaghelny is by the lyrics of Ebrahim Cheta، and composed by Monty.

Noteworthy، Latifa Bint Alaya El Arfaoui، mostly known as Latifa، she is an Tunisian singer and actress.

In 1983، shortly after her father died، Latifa and her family took a trip to Egypt to rest and mourn. During that time، she met composer Baleegh Hamdi، who advised her that to move to Egypt for the sake of her career.

She returned to Tunisia to finish her high school final exams، but couldn’t back to Egypt due to financial issues.

Later on، after Composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab heard her singing on the radio، he went to the Academy to find out more about her، and met her. At the time، she was primarily performed long Tarab songs، but she was interested in doing something new.

She began to work with composer Ammar Al Sherai'ei and poet Abdulwahab Muhammed، whom she met during her first visit to Egypt.

Many of Latifa's early albums (1984s) have Arab style. The album Mesa Al Jamal ("Evening Of Beauty") made Latifa Bint Alayah Al Arfaoui famous in Egypt.

"Akthar Min Roohi" ("More than My Soul")، was released in 1986. She began singing Arab pop songs with music by Ammar Al Sherai'ei and lyrics by Abdulwahab Muhammed. The album was hugely successful all over the Arab world. The songs had very original ideas and distinctive styles.

Latifa won the World Music Award 2004 for best selling artist in the Middle East and North Africa because of the album Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed ("Don't go away") produced in the year 2003 by Alam El Phan(Mazzica TV).

During her 20-plus-year career، she released more than 20 albums and singles، she is known for singing “Inchallah” and “Kerehtak”.

She made her acting career in the 2001 musical film “Skoot Hansawar” co-starring Ahmad Bedir، Magda El-Khatib، Ruby، and written and directed by Youssef Chahine.