Sada El Balad : UK trade envoy arrives in Egypt for talks over enhancing investments (طباعة)
UK trade envoy arrives in Egypt for talks over enhancing investments
آخر تحديث: الأحد 23/06/2019 04:02 م Translated by Hassnein Tayea
UKs Trade Envoy Sir
UKs Trade Envoy Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
UK Trade Envoy Sir Jeffrey Donaldson arrived Sunday in Egypt in a two-day visit during which he set to meet a number of Egyptian senior officials in the fields of health care، education، finance، increase of British investments to Egypt.

Donaldson will also seek to re-build new ties between the UK and Egypt while exploring new trade and partnership opportunities، a statement by the UK Embassy in Egypt said Sunday.

In an official press release، the British Embassy said Donaldson will be accompanied during his two day visit by a delegation of British companies operating in the sectors of finance، technology، education and health.

This is the tenth visit for the British trade envoy to further trade and investment links between the UK and Egypt، according to the statement.

During his visit to Cairo، Donaldson will attend a workshop in Egypt that would be organized by London Stock Exchange.

The workshop will be attended by a number of Egyptian companies in order to enhance London Stock Exchange’s ability to compete in the global capital market within the framework of the Inspire Africa program.

Britain is the largest foreign investor in Egypt with investments reach more than $ 47.5 billion. Trade between the two countries reached 1.9 billion dollars in 2018، and the Egyptian exports reached $ 818 million، up 26% from 2017.