Shoukry denounces Israel’s distortion of facts, stating Egypt’s rejection

6 days ago
Shoukry denounces Israel’s distortion of facts, stating Egypt’s rejection


According to the foreign ministry’s official statement, Shoukry strongly denounced the desperate attempts of the Israeli side to hold Egypt responsible for the unprecedented humanitarian crisis facing the Gaza Strip.

In a statement on Tuesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry reiterated Egypt’s strong stance against Israel’s attempts to distort the facts and avoid accountability. He emphasized that Israel bears full responsibility for the dire humanitarian situation faced by Palestinians in Gaza.

Shoukry responded to the Israeli foreign minister’s comments by emphasizing the importance of reopening the Rafah border crossing and highlighting Egypt’s role in averting a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Egyptian foreign minister, the challenges in delivering aid through the crossing are primarily caused by Israeli military operations in Rafah, as well as their control over the Palestinian side of the crossing. These factors, coupled with the threats faced by relief workers and truck drivers, have significantly hindered the aid delivery process.

This crisis has resulted from the indiscriminate Israeli aggression against the Palestinians for over seven months, in which more than 35,000 citizens have been killed, most of whom were women and children, the statement added.

Furthermore, the top Egyptian diplomat called on Israel to fulfil its legal responsibility as the occupying power, by allowing aid entry through the land crossings under its control.

Meanwhile, a high-level Egyptian source told Al-Qahera News TV channel that Egypt has informed Israel of the risks of persisting in blocking humanitarian aid from entering the Gaza Strip

“There is no truth to what the Israeli foreign minister said about Egypt’s responsibility for closing the Rafah crossing,” the source stressed, adding that the closure of the crossing is due to the unjustified escalation carried out by Israel in the Palestinian city of Rafah. 

Since the start of the war in October, the Rafah crossing has served as the main pathway for thousands of humanitarian aid trucks delivering life-saving aid from Egypt, other countries, and relief agencies.

Egypt has also facilitated the evacuation of tens of thousands of dual passport holders, Egyptians, and seriously injured individuals from Gaza over the past months.

The crossing capture last week, following the Israeli control of the Palestinian side of Rafah, has granted Israel control over the entry and exit of people and goods for the first time since the withdrawal of its soldiers and settlers from the strip in 2005.