Shoukry heads to Athens for discussions on joint projects

25 days ago
Shoukry heads to Athens for discussions on joint projects


Shoukry is also scheduled to meet with Copelouzos Electricity Group Dimitrios Copelouzos to follow up on the progress in implementing the electrical interconnection project between Egypt and Greece, added the statement.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry embarked on a visit to Athens on Sunday to engage in discussions with Greek officials about shared interests. High on the agenda is the development of the power linkage project between both nations, with a focus on tracking its progress.

Shoukry is scheduled to meet with Greek officials, including his counterpart Georgios Gerapetritis, as announced in a statement by the foreign ministry.

Shoukry and Gerapetritis will be keeping a close eye on the advancement of joint cooperation initiatives and will be discussing latest updates in the Middle East, particularly focusing on initiatives to bring an end to the conflict in Gaza involving Israel.

In October 2021, Egypt signed an agreement with Greece to extend an undersea cable that would transmit power from North Africa to Europe.

In the same month, it signed an agreement on linking the two countries’ electricity transmission networks.

Known as the GREGY interconnection, the cable between Egypt and Greece is a 3.5-billion-euro project that will carry 3,000 MW RES and connect northern Egypt directly with Attica in Greece.