Al-Azhar Grand Imam: Gaza Conflict Reveals “Global Schizophrenia”

25 days ago
Al-Azhar Grand Imam: Gaza Conflict Reveals “Global Schizophrenia”


Furthermore, he urged global decision-makers to exercise wisdom and reason and to heed the will of the people who have protested against the terrorist actions of the Zionists in Gaza.

In a statement on Sunday, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb expressed his concern over the devastating Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, labeling it as a display of “global schizophrenia”.

In a recent Cairo meeting with the Danish Ambassador in Egypt, Anne Dorte Riggelsen, Al-Tayeb raised concerns about the contradiction of some nations providing humanitarian aid to Gaza while also supplying Israel with weapons and military equipment. This dual approach, as noted by Al-Tayeb, inadvertently fuels ongoing violence and terrorism in the region.

In his statement, the Grand Imam stressed that the progress made in the arms industry does not play a role in advancing civilisation.

In this regard, Al-Tayeb highlighted the numerous demonstrations occurring in European and American cities, warning that failure to address these protests with wisdom and rationality could lead to unpredictable consequences.

He stressed that Western countries and the US must learn from these events and recognise that policies of support for occupation, and ignoring public outcry, will come at a high cost.

The Grand Imam also called on Western decision-makers to draw lessons in humanity from their people, whom he praised for supporting Palestinian rights.

On the other hand, the Danish Ambassador expressed her pleasure in meeting the Grand Imam, noting that Denmark has taken several steps to support Palestinian rights.

She added that Copenhagen has voted in favour of Palestine’s eligibility for full membership in the United Nations and had recently opened a field hospital in Gaza.